Holstein Kiel: Offer for striker Daniel Keita-Ruel – 2nd Bundesliga

Only one point and two tarts in four games – Holstein Kiel, bottom of the table, has to go up in attack. And now step on the gas!

In focus: Daniel Keita-Ruel (31). He plays for league competitor Sandhausen (contract until 2022), but according to BILD information, he already has an offer from Kiel.

Kiel’s managing director Uwe Stöver (54) simply says: “We will not take a position on players whose names are traded in public. As long as the transfer window is open, we will keep our eyes and ears open. “

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Keita-Ruel is known throughout Germany due to its past. For four years, Keita-Ruel had been in jail for robbery at a post office, a fashion store and a hardware store.

But then it went up again. The striker (94 second division games, 31 goals) is playing in his second season in Sandhausen and was previously under contract in Fürth. And soon in Kiel?



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