“Holy Messi”, “it didn’t take him long to digest the win”

“Holy Messi”, “it didn’t take him long to digest the win”

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The title in 'Lakip' (screenshot)

The title in ‘Lakip’ (screenshot)

In France, Leo Messi’s celebratory return to the courts after winning the World Cup was enthusiastic. The ability of Paris Saint-Germain and also of the flea was not at its peak, but it must have been enough to win 0:2 against the leader of the table Ange, when the Argentinian was honored with a goal in front of the home crowd in Parc de France.

In Lakip it was written on the cover: “The Holy Messi”, while the media added and described: “Messi did not record his best game of his career, but managed to come back with his eighth goal of the season in the league on the way to a successful comeback. Leo is still very valuable to the team and it didn’t take him too long to digest the World Cup win.” The star received the grade 7.

In ‘RMC’ they added: “PSG won without convincing, but needed the points. Messi was in the spotlight in his first game as world champion on the way to the winter championships. The team wanted to forget the loss to Lance, which for its part ended in a tie, thus increasing the gap to six points at the top of the table.”

Leo Messi (Reuters)Leo Messi (Reuters)

the coach Christophe Galtier He was impressed by Messi and his fitness after the return: “He looked calm, the fans warmed his heart. He had some training sessions with us and he is in great shape, he was absolutely fine physically. I talked to him at halftime and also as the game progressed to see how he was feeling, and he felt good. It was important that he return to play and that he be at the heart of the game, and it’s even better that he was there for an entire game.”


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