Homeopathic medicines for the immune system are booming

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Almost a fifth of Italians usehomeopathy. According to an EMG-Water survey for Omeoimprese, almost 9 million people in our country resort to homeopathy at least once a year. The identikit mainly refers to women (63%) aged between 35 and 54 years (55% of the total sample) with good employment and a good level of education, who reside in the North (58%).

80% of Italians are familiar with homeopathy and those who use it primarily appreciate the absence of side effects (14%), the non-toxicity (12%) and the degree of effectiveness (9%).

With homeopathy, Italians mainly treat colds and flu (59%), joint or muscle diseases (26%), gastro-intestinal problems (25%), allergies and respiratory system disorders (21%), digestion (19%) , insomnia (15%).

58% of those who have taken drugs in the last 10 months have used one or more homeopathic medicines. 60% of Italians, not necessarily regular consumers, argue that homeopathic and allopathic medicines must be used together

The Italians, even during the pandemic, have relied on complementary medicines, favoring the area of ​​immunity and all products related to this sector. This photograph was taken by Omeoimprese, the association that in Italy represents the pharmaceutical sector of companies producing homeopathic and anthroposophic medicines, on the occasion of World Homeopathy Day, which is celebrated on 10 April.

“For a year now, Covid-19 has completely changed the scenario in which we operate. Faced with an exceptional health situation and in the absence of specific drugs, many patients have relied on complementary medicine, orienting their choice towards certain categories, such as that of immunostimulants ”, explains the President of Omeoimprese, Giovanni Gorga. “In particular, in the months of March and October, most of the companies in the sector recorded a double-digit increase in sales, with turnover peaks of + 58% and + 64% compared to the previous year. Many companies have run out of stocks of some items in their warehouses; it was mostly drugs used to support the immune system ”.

Globally, for companies in the sector, the impact of Covid-19 has led to stable turnover: a positive result, given the economic crisis generated by the pandemic and the effects of the lockdown, which have led citizens to spend less, but also to reduce trips to the pharmacy and consultations with a specialist doctor or homeopath, with a consequent decrease in the number of prescriptions.

“If we look at 2020, our market as a whole has experienced ups and downs, also due to the absence of some pathologies, typically winter: cough, cold, flu. On the other hand, if we analyze the relationship between Italians and homeopathic medicine, loyalty and trust are evident. The results obtained in the midst of the pandemic say so, but above all thousands of doctors and pharmacists who recommend this therapy with satisfaction ”, continues Gorga.

“Even for the dispensing of homeopathic medicines – states the national secretary of Federfarma, Roberto Tobia – the role of the pharmacist assumes a fundamental importance in terms of professional advice for the correct use of these medicines”.

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