Hope for Lyme vaccine in three years’ time

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Pharmaceuticals Pfizer and Valneva hope to have developed a vaccine against Lyme disease by 2025.

An ongoing study into this VLA15 will soon enter a new, very important phase, with fifty partners and 6000 test subjects from five years old worldwide. Except in the Netherlands, it will be performed in Finland, Germany, Poland, Sweden and the United States, all countries where Lyme is common.

In our country, Amsterdam UMC will cooperate. With how many test subjects can be announced only after all procedures there have also been formally approved.

‘Important milestone’

The will to make a vaccine is there and the need is high, according to a spokesperson for Pfizer Netherlands. Ticks are appearing more and more often, while a bite is often not noticed quickly enough. According to the RIVM health institute, about one and a half million ticks graze on a person in our country every year. About 27,000 people get Lyme disease, of whom 1,000 to 1,500 people have long-term symptoms.

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Pfizer CEO Annaliesa Anderson calls a new drug against Lyme “more important than ever”. Valneva CEO Juan Carlos Jaramillo speaks of an “important milestone” that will be achieved with the new research collaboration. When it comes to Lyme, he says there is a “great unmet medical need” among many in the Northern Hemisphere.


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