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The week starts hand in hand with a new year full of blessings. It seems that the whole world is full of singing hymns and love songs. This is a key moment to focus on what is really important to us, things like family, employment, partnerships and relationships, decisions and goals. Fortunately, because of the wonderful cosmic weather all week long, you can choose how to harness all this magic into your personal or professional life! fall in love again, change your occupation, or anything else. Make plans, the choice is up to you as long as you take advantage of the coming week. Personal happiness and professional power are definitely possible if you carefully consider the appropriate strategies for expression and execution. Just don’t make any major final decisions until next week. However, you can enjoy the great vibes and, of course, live in the moment.

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Aries March 21 to April 19

Partnerships will bring you higher achievements this week than you thought. Although in practice you like to operate alone, it’s time to stop a little with your solo flights. This week also emphasizes your relationships, you and a significant other can make important decisions together, move in together, get engaged or even get married. However, since this is still a significant decision, try, as much as possible, to postpone final decisions until October, in retrospect, you’ll be glad you did.

Taurus April 20 to May 20

Bulls, get ready to pick up the pace. It seems that everything around is noisy and stormy. Your work life is going to be packed with projects and priorities!, which increases your productivity at the same time. It seems that every day you find more responsibilities and tasks filling your calendar. However, don’t forget to always build a healthy balance between work and life instead of reaching a state of exhaustion and fatigue.

Gemini May 21 to June 21

You are full of magic and full of love for the world. This week it seems like your motto is to live with passion and dance with beauty. True love, dating, creativity and fertility are expected this week for all those who are free, as if Cupid is singing like an angel from above. It can help singles meet many exciting and romantic suitors or help couples rekindle the spark between them. No matter what: make it an unforgettable moment of the year.

Cancer June 22 to July 22

Your week revolves around decisions and determinations regarding the home and family. It is important to make the decisions in a balanced and logical manner. Always remember that if it is possible to change, what is good, but if there is no possibility of any changes, do not fight, find an alternative solution and if not, accept with love. One of the changes is actually the house itself, you may now be considering renovating, moving or even changing your living space. It is important to maintain a connection with the family. In short, trust your gut about how to proceed with caution.

Leo July 23 to August 22

Leos, this week you are stars everywhere. It seems that even if you stand in the middle of the city with a microphone and start telling the world what you think, the people around will listen passionately to every word you utter. Your week is characterized by healthy communication and high conversation. You will also find that your mind is engulfed with exciting thoughts, ideas and possibilities. Among the options that will come to you, a new contract may also come to you, but it is better to postpone it until the middle of the following week.

Virgo August 23 to September 22

Virgo boys/girls, a week of income and money starts now and everything is by merit and not by grace. This week is all about the income, resources and possessions that come this week. Luck seems to be in your hands, you attract wealth to you, like a magnet! A raise, a new job, a big check or a small lucky ticket, all these come to your credit. Use your strategic and calculating nature to build your golden kingdom. This is also an excellent moment to evaluate the budget and reduce excess expenses.

Libra September 23 to October 22

You are standing at the beginning of a period of fulfillment. This is exactly the time to honor your deepest desires, and start implementing them. You are right in the spotlight. This week, you are walking through an open and blessed door, spread out for you in order to fulfill all your dreams. Make a list of what you want to build in the coming year and plant seeds for it all now. You deserve everything you wish for and ask for.

Scorpio October 23 to November 21

Scorpios, your intuition, as usual, speaks, listen to it. It seems that the whole week revolves around privacy, secrets and the unconscious. Don’t try to dig and investigate, listen quietly, let your soul and spirit direct you, lately you listen less to this voice. You must reset yourselves. If you feel ‘burnt’, stop burning the candle at both ends. Learn to surrender and breathe again. Because you are the most spiritual possible, don’t forget.

Sagittarius November 22 to December 21

The whole week is about ambitions and goals. Sagittarius, you are worth it, any ambition or goal, worth and possible. So write down all your hopes and dreams and try to pave the way towards them. Do not even hesitate to ask friends for help, it is not a shame to ask for a favor, as soon as you ask you will see how many of them can mobilize to help you. All you have to do is be honest and come from the cleanest place there is.

Capricorn December 22 to January 19

Capricorn boys/girls, the glory can be yours. So start believing in yourself, wear the crown of victory and leave the house radiant and bright. New projects, professional opportunities, awards or public recognition may come your way, all you have to do is stand up, say you are ready and move towards them now. Success is not always given and waiting. It’s something you have to want and believe you can achieve no matter how long it takes.

Aquarius January 20 to February 18

Open your eyes as wide as possible, this week it seems that the universe is blessing you with new perspectives and far-reaching vision. This week urges you to expand, and encourages you to embrace new adventures and horizons. Academics, travel, law, and communication endeavors all glitter like gold for you right now. Know that you can soar into the light without fear, and you will find wisdom.

Pisces February 19 to March 20

What is beautiful about you is precisely your vulnerability. You always come with your heart, without insights and without masks, exposed but real, and that is your beauty. This week is important because your openness will also be expressed in intimacy, sexuality, and relationships. It seems that this week, where you stand in a relationship, will be central. Remember, never worry and don’t hesitate to stand up for what you want, need and deserve. The best partnerships always succeed when you know where to give and what to get. And you have every right to ask for what you deserve.

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