Horowitz against Lapid: “Why did you suddenly go on an operation?”

Benzi Rubin, Tal Marciano, knitted news07.08.22 20:43 Y. Bab Tishfav

Cabinet meeting. Photo: Kobi Gideon LLC

Today (Sunday) Moriah Asserf Walberg published on Network 13 that Minister Horowitz strongly criticized last night (Saturday) in the cabinet discussion that Lapid decided to go on the operation without first approving it in the cabinet. The Chief of Staff came to the aid of the Prime Minister.

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Lapid replied to Horowitz: “I consulted with the ombudsman and got her permission to go on the move without cabinet approval.”

Cabinet meeting. Photo: Kobi Gideon LLC

Horowitz grumbled: “Why did you suddenly launch an operation without convening the cabinet? How come something like this is not approved in the cabinet?”

“In the last cabinet, we were told that Israel would respond if necessary. We were not told that this was going to be an event with wide consequences,” Horowitz added.

Kochvi sided with Lapid and said: “There was a concrete threat here.”

Lapid repeats again and says: “I first consulted with the spokesperson for the government that gave its approval for the move.”

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