Horror: tried to kidnap a child from the synagogue and was captured in the yeshiva

A man tried to kidnap a child from a synagogue in Flatbush, New York. The boy was participating in family fun at the time of the kidnapping attempt. A particularly quick response by the New York Police and the Flatbush Guardians organization prevented the kidnapping

Every parent’s nightmare: a man tried to abduct a child this morning (Wednesday) from a synagogue on 7th Street in East Flatbush, New York, when he was having family fun when the incident occurred. A particularly quick response by the New York Police and the Flatbush Watchmen Organization prevented the act.

According to the report on the Yeshiva World News website, the mother quickly called 911 and the Flatbush Guard Organization, who arrived within seconds and began searching for the suspect, who was eventually found by the guard volunteers hiding in the nearby Mir yeshiva. The suspect has nothing to do with the yeshiva.

The suspect admitted to the detectives that he tried to kidnap the child and he was taken into custody. The suspect’s motives are still unclear. The police and the guard organization announced that they will increase patrols in the area following the disturbing incident.


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