Hotel protesting against Russia in an innovative way

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Hotel protesting against Russia in an innovative way


Innovative opposition to Russia
The action web of a reported hotel
Attracted the platoon.

On Ukraine from 24 February
Russia continues to impose war.
Many countries have condemned Russia’s action
Informing and imposing sanctions on their
Have expressed opposition.

Superb across Europe and America
Russian food items from the markets
And drinks have been removed. Russian cats
Even banned from participating in international competitions


Meanwhile, Ukrainian food in the United States
Attempt to popularize types and drinks
Has been launched. Ukraine Restaurants, Beverages
Lots of included bars are also opening.

In this case, Kerala Hotel is one of the simplest way
Has expressed their opposition.

That restaurant is off their menu
Removed Russian salad.

The echo of it caught the attention of many
That restaurant that attracted.

Who have expressed their opposition in a satirical manner
The restaurant was praised by many and criticized by some
Are posting comments.

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