“How Collagen Supplements Promote Weight Loss and Joint Health – Medical News Today”

“How Collagen Supplements Promote Weight Loss and Joint Health – Medical News Today”

2023-05-28 17:09:00

Collagen improves joint health and contributes to changing the way the body stores fat

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Collagen supplements can help (which is A protein found naturally in the body) to lose weight by promoting satiety, supporting joint health, and changing the way the body stores fat, according to Medical News Today.

Collagen is one of the most important proteins in the human body, and it is present in all tissues and organs of the body. It helps provide structure and support to connective tissues, skin, eyes, and bones. It is necessary for many physiological processes, such as healing, cell and organ growth, and metabolism.

Interest has increased with collagen supplements For weight loss, and while scientific research has not yet found a direct link between them, there are some potential benefits of collagen for weight loss.

Promote satiety

Protein intake is associated with satiety and a feeling of fullness to the point of satisfaction. Feeling full can cause people to eat less, which can lead to weight loss. But collagen can be less effective than other protein sources in promoting satiety.

And in a 2019 study, researchers gave overweight women either collagen supplements or Whey protein. Results revealed that participants who took collagen supplements experienced more weight loss over 8 weeks than those who took whey protein. The researchers suggested that the reason is due to the fact that collagen does not contain BCAAs and tryptophan, two substances in whey protein linked to satiety and improving body composition.

Relieving joint pain

Joint pain can limit your ability to exercise, which is important for most weight loss programs. And since collagen is essential for healthy connective tissue in joints, collagen supplements may help support joint health and reduce pain. Thus, reduced pain can lead to increased physical activity and, consequently, weight loss.

In a systematic scientific review, published in 2021 in the journal Amino Acids, collagen peptide supplementation combined with exercise improved joint function and reduced pain, resulting in benefits for athletes of all ages.


Reducing body fat

Studies in lab mice have shown that certain collagen peptides may affect how the body stores fat. A 2021 lab animal study published in Nutritional Science and Vitaminology found that giving mice collagen peptides over a 3-week period resulted in a loss of visceral fat for mice on a high-fat diet. But fat loss was not associated with significant changes in body weight.

Results of a 2023 animal study published in the Croatian Medical Journal revealed that treating obese mice with Antarctic jellyfish collagen peptides led to decreases in BMI, weight, and blood sugar levels.

Researchers also reached similar results in clinical trials on humans that lasted 12 weeks, in a study conducted in 2019. The results showed that taking collagen supplements led to a significant decrease in the percentage and mass of fat in the body.

Some research suggests that collagen peptides may alter gene expression related to how the body stores and accumulates fat.

Collagen supplements

Collagen supplements are usually derived from the connective tissues of cows or fish. It is available in powder, liquid, tablet or gum form. There are 28 reliable sources of collagen, but research is lacking to determine which type may be most beneficial for weight loss.

Experts consider collagen supplements to be safe. A 2019 systematic review published in Drugs in Dermatology found good safety margins for collagen supplements, provided products are obtained from reputable sources.

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