How data is revolutionizing Ligue 1

INVESTIGATION – Advanced statistics have paved the way for a new appreciation of football. Diving in several French clubs and their methods.

A tweet shared by thousands of Internet users. On July 6, in the semi-finals of the Euro, the Spanish midfielder Pedri, aged only 18, “didn’t miss any of his 31 passes in the first halfagainst Italy, informed the major American media ESPN. Presented in this way, the statistics seem resounding. For the general public, at least. Not for the seasoned experts we interviewed, with a view to better understanding what is called “data”.

Baptiste*, who works in the recruitment cell of a Ligue 1 club, takes the subject very seriously. “In football, we liked to have ‘intellectual masturbation’ on numbers that made no sense in relation to the game,” he laments.

Born in the 1990s, advanced statistics took root in the United States, in baseball, before being exported sportingly and geographically. First in England,a more mature market than the others, and even today“, needle us Antoine David, manager…

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