How did it happen that Italian caviar became the best in the world

Beluga caviar, Osietra caviar, Siberian caviar: but we are not in Russia, we are in Italy. In the last 40 years, our country has been the cradle of various sturgeon farms, little known fish in our territory even if present since ancient times.

Three species of sturgeon lived in nature in Italian waters which have disappeared due to the anthropization of river courses and the excess of illegal fishing, a common fate all over the world where precisely due to excessive exploitation, these fish species have been included in the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) in order to promote their conservation.

A farm sturgeon

But it is thanks to the uniqueness of our territory and its natural resources such as pure and warm water, that in the Lombard-Venetian areas the breeding of sturgeon in aquaculture has found the perfect conditions.

“While with us” explains Rodolfo Giaveri, founder of Caviar Giaveri, “thanks to these resources, eels were initially raised in France and, precisely in Aquitaine, with the shortage of the” wild “product, the first sturgeon farms were born for the production of caviar, it was their gastronomic culture that required it, the culinary tradition, they also created a real consortium as for Champagne, to protect its origin.

Italy came immediately after, in the early 1980s and quickly established itself thanks to the great advantage of water resources “. In fact, in Veneto, the fish holdings of Caviar Giaveri were transformed in the municipality of San Bartolomeo di Breda (in the province of Treviso), a few kilometers from Venice, and became sturgeon farms specialized in the production of caviar.

Thus was born a sturgeon farm of ten different species, currently the most varied park in the world, which allows you to choose from a rich variety of eco-sustainable types of caviar: from the famous Beluga, passing through Osietra up to Sevruga, there is something for everyone.

The large size of the outdoor tanks, which perfectly reproduce the natural habitat, the balanced use of adequate nutrients, the extraction of eggs in a protected environment and their very rapid storage at a controlled temperature, are all aspects that allow Caviar Giaveri to be at the top in the world of caviar production. Each specimen is cared for and followed at every stage of its growth and every aspect is meticulously cared for to ensure maximum respect for the balance of the ecosystem. Passion and daily patience characterize Caviar Giaveri, it takes, in fact, many years for the fish to ripen, this involves an extremely long production cycle, from 7 to 15 years and more to make caviar, depending on the species reared.

Italian caviar giaveri

The tanks in which Giaveri caviar are raised

The goal is to obtain a high quality product and this is what led to the choice to work by hand and to directly package the caviar faithfully following the tradition. The salting, a very delicate phase, follows a secret recipe by Caviar Giaveri, the Russian malossol method (little salt), the selection of the eggs is done by hand with absolute rigor and precision, as is the packaging. All in a controlled and certified environment. A meticulous process that is perpetuated to maintain high standards over time.

Each of the egg processing stages takes place in a protected and controlled environment, a “clean room” with pure air where only authorized persons access. The rigor of the production process is testified by the most authoritative certificates, such as “IFS FOOD” higher level. With a view to continuous improvement, Caviar Giaveri has been certified in accordance with the highest standards and is a brand devoted to excellence, a recognizable style as the quality of the caviar proposed in different selections.

Forty years after the intuition of Rodolfo Giaveri, and thanks to his whole family, we can find, on the doorstep, the favorite food of the Tsars that is unmatched by foreigners. Giaveri has always been present in this world, knows its dynamics well worldwide and plays an important role, so much so that he participates in a “unique” closed-door meeting held once a year among the most important breeders and caviar producers who decide the trend of this market.

Today the company is run by Jenny, Giada and Joys Giaveri, 3 young entrepreneurs who, with great passion, continue the family tradition alongside their father.

Italian caviar giaveri

The Giaveri sisters

Caviar Giaveri exports high quality Italian caviar all over the world, the main countries are France, USA, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, East (Japan, Thailand, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Malaysia), Middle East and Australia .

In this pandemic year, the Western and American market has slowed down while the markets in the East have maintained the same demand, indeed it has increased because, unable to travel, the high-end of the population buys excellent products to consume them comfortably at home.

“Ours” concludes Jenny Giaveri who deals with abroad “is a family business where we buy back key roles and is therefore more flexible and dynamic: caviar is not wasted, we prefer to produce less quantities if necessary and always maintain a very high quality standard.


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