How discarded telephone booths can live on

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BerlinOne or the other may still remember the time when there were no cell phones. When you were on the way to the phone booth, tossing in coins or inserting a card to call home. With the increasing spread of mobile communications, this became more and more unprofitable, most of the houses have long since been dismantled. According to Telekom, only around 14,500 telephone booths are still active in all of Germany, mostly in the form of space-saving, column-like stations. For comparison: in 2007 there were 110,000 telephone booths in this country. A number of discarded specimens are stored very close to the capital: in the telephone booth cemetery in Michendorf in Brandenburg, south of Potsdam on the Berliner Ring. There are 2,000 houses on the site of the former telecommunications office of the Bundespost, and private individuals can also purchase them at a net price of 500 euros per item. The demand is still high, says a Telekom spokesman. It is not known what the buyers are using the cells for. According to reports, the yellow and pink-colored models have already been rededicated to shower cubicles, garden sheds or soundproof telephone boxes in open-plan offices. In any case, our examples show that there are no limits to the re-use of an old relic of the imagination.

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