How do you check the health of your phone’s battery and when should it be replaced?

The step of monitoring the health of the iPhone battery is useful in determining the appropriate time to replace it, and at these specific times all iPhone users want to check the health of the battery after Apple announced that it would raise the replacement fees for previous iPhone batteries for iPhone 14 phones, starting in March.

The battery replacement service fee for the iPhone 14 series after the end of the warranty period is $99. The change in battery prices that takes effect March 1 includes an increase in the cost of battery replacement for all older iPhone models by $20. This means that the cost of replacing the battery in iPhone 13 to iPhone X models will rise to $89 instead of $69, and iPhone SE, iPhone 8 and older models to $69 instead of $49.

If you replace your iPhone every year or two with a newer model, you shouldn’t have battery problems. But for those who have iPhones that are two years old or more, they may experience battery problems due to the many charging cycles that the battery has been subjected to.

If you are facing battery problems such as: quickly decreasing the charge rate, or the phone turning off suddenly and repeatedly, you can check the health of the iPhone battery in the settings application built into the phone, to determine the most appropriate time to replace it.

To check the health of the battery on the iPhone, open the Settings app, then follow these steps:

Scroll down and tap the Battery option.

Click on the Battery Health & Charging option.

The current battery capacity will appear at the top next to the (Maximum Capacity) option.

Under the (Battery Health & Charging) section, an alert will appear if the battery is deteriorating and whether this is causing problems such as sudden shutdown or poor performance of the phone.

iPhone batteries are designed to retain up to 80% of their original capacity at 500 full charge cycles when operating under normal conditions. And when the iPhone battery capacity drops below 80% of its original capacity, a feature called (performance management) automatically activates to help prevent unexpected shutdowns.

If you see an alert indicating that the battery health is deteriorating on your phone and you start to notice that the phone’s performance is declining, head to the Apple Store or contact Apple Support to obtain an Apple-approved replacement battery.

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