How does Priscilla keep her head above water in the purchasing power crisis?

High energy costs, screeching inflation and therefore sharply rising prices; more and more people are becoming the victims of the purchasing power crisis. In the coming weeks, we will follow Amsterdammers in their daily lives. How do they make ends meet? Today the single-parent family of Priscilla and her son Jace from Nieuw-West.

Priscilla as Jace de Jager.

Priscilla has a job of 32 hours a week as a nurse in an institution for Korsakov patients. Her net income, together with the single-parent allowance, is 2350 per month. Yet she finds it difficult to make ends meet because she has fallen into debt due to circumstances. And so money has to be saved at any time of the day. And that starts with preparing her 4-year-old son Jace’s lunch box.

More stories about the purchasing power crisis can be found here. A survey by the AT5 panel among 1930s Amsterdam residents shows that a large majority is concerned about his or her financial situation.

At the end of November there will be a debate on the Purchasing Power Crisis on AT5. With Amsterdammers who find it difficult to make ends meet, politicians and experts in the field of budget management.

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