To that extent has the greater use of technology affected the relationship of patients, in particular with their general practitioners?

The pandemic that started last year has profoundly affected everyone’s life and relationships. In the health sector, it obviously made itself felt at all levels in terms of emergencies and access to services. An aspect that has not been analyzed relatively little is that of the relationship between patients and general practitioners, which instead changed profoundly, imposing more than in other cases a sort of “telematic revolution” or simply accelerating an evolution already underway. Just think, for example, of the electronic prescription, which from possibility became necessity. Several other examples could be given, but it seems necessary to go beyond an assessment of the streamlining of services, to try to focus on how the internalization of the relationship between people has also changed and what should be their fundamental reference point for Health. For this together with the Giancarlo Quarta Foundation offers its readers an online survey to explore these issues. For this purpose we need 10 minutes, not more, of your time, we are counting on you. This is the link to participate in the survey. The totally anonymous survey. The data will be collected and used for statistical purposes only and in compliance with the rules relating to privacy.

July 14, 2021 (change July 14, 2021 | 13:15)


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