How I learned to love properly

How I learned to love properly

2023-06-04 19:04:26

Our author was a workaholic with a small family and always wanted to please everyone. Until she narrowly jumped off the shovel of death twice.

“Love did what the stroke and two bypass surgeries couldn’t do. She threw me off course.”Roshanak Amini for Berliner Zeitung at the weekend

I wake up. Way too early. My heart rate tops 100 before I even get out of bed. My head plans the day automatically. He’s constantly energized. I am a career woman as it is written in the book: hardworking, conscientious, goal-oriented. Quiet. My head always keeps track, plans, analyses, classifies and finds solutions. For everything. Problems in the company, children, husband, house, garden. I have a six figure annual income. Multitasking is my normal state. Also at night. I am a manager and have five male employees in a male domain. IT and digitization.

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