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The structure of Commissioner Francesco Paolo Figliuolo has set objectives for the Regions for the administration of vaccines. In view of the new deliveries in the coming days, the maximum amounts of doses that can be inoculated every day and those that can be inoculated every week have been set. A roadmap that – this is the goal – will serve to remain in the average of 300 thousand daily doses and exceed 2 million weekly.

Rules and vaccines: what a week it will be, in Italy

The 4 million doses

This week, three million Pfizer doses are expected to be delivered in two rounds of 1.5 million, approximately half a million of Vaxzevria (Astrazeneca), over 400,000 of Moderna, and more than 180,000 of Janssen (Johnson & Johnson). There are currently no restrictions for J&J.

Here are the doses provided for all of Italy to stay within the parameters and not run out of stocks.

The doses divided by Regions

Abruzzo 7.050 per day 49.350 per week
Basilicata 3,100 per day 21,700 per week
Calabria 9,644 per day 67,510 per week
Campania 29,500 per day 206,500 per week
Emilia Romagna 22,000 per day 154,000 per week
Friuli Venezia Giulia 6,140 per day 42,981 per week
Lazio 30,000 per day 210,000 per week
Liguria 7,815 per day 54,703 per week
Lombardy 51,000 per day 357,000 per week
Market 9,500 per day 66,500 per week
Molise 2,000 per day 14,000 per week
P.A. Bolzano 3,000 per day 21,000 per week
P.A. Trento 3,100 per day 21,700 per week
Piedmont 24,000 per day 168,000 per week
Puglia 20,777 per day 145,440 per week
Sardinia 11,000 per day 77,000 per week
Sicily 25.429 per day 178.002 per week
Tuscany 20,000 per day 140,000 per week
Umbria 4,800 per day 33,600 per week
Valle d’Aosta 620 per day 4.342 per week
Veneto 25,243 per day 176,699 per week

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National total 315.718 per day 2.210.026 per week

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