How much did Rabbi Tao contribute to the campaign for Netanyahu?

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How much did Rabbi Tao contribute to the campaign for Netanyahu?

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The president of the Har Hamor yeshiva, Rabbi Zvi Tao, today joined the mass campaign of the Netanyahu trial, which opened yesterday and reached close to three million shekels.

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Rabbi Tao donated NIS 1,000 to finance Netanyahu’s legal expenses. In a conversation with people around Rabbi Tao, it appears that this is an authentic contribution of his, and not a contribution that someone has made and registered his name.

After Yinon Magal’s mass mobilization campaign raised over NIS 2.5 million within 24 hours, opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu responded today (Monday) to donations made by him to continue funding his trial and thanked the thousands of Israelis who mobilized and donated for him.

Netanyahu in the Mahane Yehuda market, archive (Photo: Likud spokeswoman)

“Thank you, masses of Israeli citizens, for your tremendous support and wonderful love in recent days,” Netanyahu wrote on Twitter, along with a photo of Netanyahu, his wife Sarah and his sons Yair and Avner. “Your warmth of heart moved me and my family with an unparalleled excitement.”

Can Netanyahu use the money donated for him?

As mentioned, the campaign on the Gibczak website runs under the headline “Netanyahu, you will never walk alone” and asks former prime minister supporters to contribute for him: “This trial is not only Netanyahu’s and he does not sit there alone. “This sentence belongs to the entire right-wing camp.” The background as stated is the reports of contacts to promote a plea deal that will lead to Netanyahu’s retirement, and the public call from the right to prevent this and strengthen Netanyahu’s hands.

However, at this stage it is not certain that Netanyahu will be able to use the money donated for him. The law explicitly states that a member of the Knesset or government may not receive money or private pay, not within the framework of his conditions as a public servant. The law also refers to the matter of gifts: “A Knesset member may not receive a gift or other benefit, if given to him due to his position or status, whether in Israel or abroad.”

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When a Knesset member wishes to receive a donation or assistance with legal funding, he must apply to the Knesset Ethics Committee and request special approval in advance.

After approval and fundraising, it is mandatory to submit to the committee a report on the donations received, indicating the name of the donor and the amount of the donation. These reports will be published on the committee’s website. It was further decided that it is not possible to accept donations from anonymous or corporations. In addition, a Member of the Knesset may receive a donation and use it solely for the purpose of the purpose presented to the Ethics Committee.

The current campaign does emphasize that it is allowed to donate up to one ceiling of NIS 5,000 to family members, as the law allows, but since Netanyahu did not seek prior approval to raise funds, it is not at all certain whether he will be allowed to use what was raised.

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