how much do i earn in july?

how much do i earn in july?

PENSION INCREASE 2022. The amount of pensions will increase by 4% in July 2022. What gain on your pension? For who ? And the add-ons? We tell you everything.

[Mis à jour le 22 juin 2022 à 09h57] Basic retirement pensions will benefit from a revaluation from July 2022. Elisabeth Borne advanced a gain of 60 euros on average for a pension of 1,200 euros. In reality, the calculation is slightly more complex than that. This figure includes in particular the increase in 1% in January 2022. The revaluation of 4% in July should represent “only” 28 euros supplements on your basic pension, supplements not being concerned, managed by the social partners. The average basic pension in France amounts to 704 euros, the gain of 4% is therefore to be applied to this amount. Would you like to know the real increase in the amount of your retirement pension this summer? Here is our simulator, by slice of 200 euros with the 4% increase:

  • Pension of 1,000 euros: 1 040 euros
  • Pension of 1,200 euros: 1 248 euros
  • Pension of 1,400 euros: 1 456 euros
  • Pension of 1,600 euros: 1 664 euros
  • Pension of 1,800 euros: 1 872 euros
  • Pension of 2,000 euros: 2 080 euros

As a reminder, this increase in pensions will take effect on January 1, 2022, but the actual increase will not be visible on this date. The revaluation will take place on August 9, the date of payment of the retirement pension for the month of July. Still a little patience. The unions were demanding a 4.5% increase with retroactive effect from January 1, 2022. In all likelihood, the latter should not be heard and the increase in pensions to the tune of 4% should indeed come into force, despite the recomposition of the National Assembly after Emmanuel Macron and Ensemble! lost the absolute majority in the legislative elections.

Adding to the increase of just over 1% in January, the total increase in pensions in 2022 is therefore 5%. This represents a gain of 60 euros for a retirement pension equal to 1,200 euros according to Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne who gave this figure during an interview with France Bleu on June 7, 2022. Please note, this is not however not the exact amount that will be displayed on your total pension since it should be remembered that this increase only concerns basic retirement pensions, excluding supplementary ones. However, the average in France for basic pensions is 704 euros according to the statement of the National Pension Insurance Fund, the CNAV. If we take this figure, the 4% gain expected this summer represents an increase of 28 euros per month.

The 4% increase results from the inflation that has been affecting France for several months. It is therefore an alignment with inflation to help combat the loss of purchasing power. However, this decision is a significant development compared to the policy deployed by governments in recent years. For 10 years, retirement pensions were no longer indexed to inflation despite its inclusion in the Social Security Code, resulting in a loss of purchasing power of more than 10% in 10 years according to the orientation council of retreats. However, this 4% increase should not completely satisfy several pensioner unions who were demanding an increase of at least 4.5%, with retroactive effect from January 1.

The rules for increasing supplementary pensions (Agirc-Arrco, for example) differ from those for basic pensions. These supplementary pensions are calculated from the number of points acquired during the career, to which a value of the point is multiplied. Then, the social partners decide on a possible revaluation of the value of this point. Generally, these pensions are increased every year on November 1st. In 2021, the value of the Agirc-Arrco point was revalued by 1%. It therefore went from 1.2714 euros to 1.2841 euros. Regarding these supplementary pensions, the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire was clear: “It is up to the social partners to upgrade supplementary pensions. We will increase the basic pensions.” So, a little more patience to know the next revaluation of the index point!

The overall retirement pension for civil servants consists mainly of the basic pension. A supplementary scheme, the “additional public service pension (RAFP)”, concerns 20% of the amount of the annual gross index salary, at most. De facto, the increase in pensions on July 1, 2022 should be greater for civil servants than for other pensioners.

The next pension increase will be effective from July 1, 2022, the government has confirmed. De facto, the very first visible increase in retirement pensions will be visible during the first payment, the following month, namely August 9, 2022, a date announced by the Minister of Labor Olivier Dussopt in early June. “We want this indexation to inflation to be valid for pensions in July. Under the general scheme, the pension for July is paid on August 9,” he explained then.


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