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Actress Samantha Item Dance for the song ‘O Solriya Mama Ooo Solriya Mama’ from the movie ‘Pushpa’ starring Allu Arjun and the song went viral on a huge scale. Critics have suggested that the song was a major factor in the film’s success in a few languages, including Tamil.

In this case, the item dance actress Samantha’s salary for this song was higher than the salary she buys for a film, the news was published on social media.

It is learned that he is currently earning Rs 5 crore for the song. It is said that Samantha initially refused to dance to the song, which only runs for 3 minutes, after which Allu Arjun persuaded her and offered her a salary of Rs 5 crore, after which Samantha earned the chance to dance to the song.

Actress Samantha’s salary of Rs 5 crore for a single song has caused a stir on the internet.



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