How much was a 3-room apartment + balcony in Ramat Beit Hakerem sold for?

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The deals made this week in Jerusalem

Posted on: 11/25/21 12:17 PM

On Uziel Street In the Beit Vagan neighborhood, a 3-room, 80-square-meter apartment was sold for NIS 1,950,000.
(The transaction was carried out by Van Dyke Properties, Tel. 053-9428794)

On Pine Street In the Ein Kerem neighborhood, a stunning, special and authentic villa was sold, 6 rooms, 210 sq.m. built on an acre for NIS 9,750,000.
(The transaction was made by Promise Brokerage, Tel. 053-6218523)

On Sneh Moshe Street 7 In Pisgat Ze’ev, a 2-room apartment, 4th floor, 45 sq.m., was sold for NIS 1,120,000
(The transaction was taken from

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On Davidson Street In the Nayot neighborhood, a 5-room apartment, 130 sq.m. + 80 sq.m. terrace with a view of the botanical garden, second floor, warehouse and covered parking was sold for NIS 4,100,000.
(The transaction was brokered by Zohar Beit Shmuel, Tel. 053-9349334)

On Mordechai Alkahi Street In the Armon Hanatziv neighborhood, a 4-room apartment + 2 100 sqm masters, 1st floor, private entrance, renovated and fully equipped, was sold for NIS 1,350,000.
(The transaction was made by Shem Tov Paz Properties, Tel. 053-6216876)

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On the street calling 40 generations The property tax sold a 4-room apartment, 90 sq.m., 2nd floor for NIS 2,450,0000.
(The transaction was taken from

On Beit HaArava Street In the Arnona neighborhood, a 5-room, 150-square-meter garden apartment was sold for a complete renovation for NIS 4,660,000.
(The transaction was carried out in cooperation by the real estate agencies Orly Remax Hazon, Tel. 053-9375719, and Yona Shachar Properties)

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On Herzl Boulevard In Beit Hakerem, a 2.5-room apartment, about 50 square meters, was sold for NIS 2,250,000.
(The transaction was made by Udi Haliva from Point Real Estate, Tel. 053-2329419)

At 20 Haganah Street In French Hill, a 4-room apartment, 95 sq.m., first floor, was sold for NIS 2,150,000
(The transaction was taken from

On Justice Haim Cohen Street In the Arnona neighborhood, a mini penthouse apartment, 3 rooms, 98 sq.m. with a huge balcony for a spectacular view, parking and a warehouse was sold for NIS 2,400,000.
(The transaction was made by Moshe Ben Harush from the Even Pina real estate agency, tel. 053-6113719)

On General Yochai Ben-Nun Street In Ramat Beit Hakerem, a 3-room apartment, 65 sq.m., 4th of 5 floor, 5 sq.m. balcony, elevator and parking, was sold for NIS 2,360,000.
(The transaction was made by Anglo Saxon Jerusalem, Tel. 053-9368246)

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