How Pete Docter got his mind on Soul

Collective responsibility

How are Western and Eastern European schools of animation different? “Eastern European animation films are more of a work of art,” Docter told Radix. – They really express a personal view. And what we do is more like vaudeville or entertainment. We also have some personal vision, but we also always keep the audience in mind. What will it play, what will it respond to? <...> How does the studio work? You do something and give it to another person. He suggests changes. You bring them in and show the material to another person, and he also offers to change something. There is always a fresh look to clean up [недоработки]”. To Interviewly, he described the results of this approach: “Our secret is that we make at least eight lousy versions of every movie and re-do it until we think it’s good enough for you to watch.



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