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Informational occasion: in mid-November, ANO National Priorities conducted a survey among Russians on how often they go in for sports and what motivates them. The results showed that the level of happiness is directly related to regular exercise, and the desire to be healthy most of all motivates for an active lifestyle. The study was conducted on the eve of the second season of the All-Russian competition of sports projects “You are in the game”, which started on November 16, 2021. Supporting sports initiatives and sports projects aimed at increasing the number of residents of the country who regularly engage in physical culture and sports is one of the priority tasks of the federal project “Sport-Norm of Life” of the national project “Demography”.

The All-Russian competition of sports projects “You are in the game” is held by ANO “National Priorities” with the support of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation within the framework of the federal project “Sport is the norm of life” of the national project “Demography”. The competition helps to find and celebrate bright initiatives that can make sport an integral part of life. Participants can not only declare themselves to the whole country, but also bring their projects to a new level – thanks to the educational accelerator, as well as the grant system. The winners in the nominations of the competition will receive a grant of 300,000 rubles for the development of projects, and the grand prix will be 1,000,000 rubles. Individuals and legal entities with online and offline projects from the field of amateur sports can participate, the main thing is that at least five people are involved in the initiative. You can apply for participation in the competition at until January 21, 2022. At the moment, there are already more than 1000 registrations.

The importance of sports in people’s lives cannot be denied – and a survey conducted by the ANO National Priorities for the start of the competition confirmed this1. The results showed a direct relationship between happiness and exercise. More than two thirds of the respondents said they are happy. At the same time, they are more likely to go in for sports than the rest: 48% devote time to physical activity several times a week or even every day, versus 22% of those who are unhappy or rather unhappy. Both groups of respondents were also asked about the motivation for playing sports. For the most part, it is similar for them: it is the desire to be healthy (37% among the “happy” versus 24%). However, there are some differences. People who exercise regularly feel healthier and also enjoy the process itself. Whereas for more than half of the respondents who answered that they are unhappy, the main motivation is either existing health problems, or the desire to lose weight and have a beautiful body.

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“Motivation in getting pleasure and increasing the level of happiness is the most effective and pleasant one. It has long been proven that sport triggers the release of dopamines and the hormones of joy, and regular physical activity helps to keep them at a constant level. Needless to say, exercise has a positive effect on health, gives a feeling of lightness and energizes. Therefore, it is so important that everyone can do sports, regardless of age and lifestyle, ”says Sofia Malyavina, General Director of ANO National Priorities.

The survey data is confirmed by the first participants in the second season of the competition. As the author of the Up-Down project Alexey Ryabov from the Moscow Region notes, sport can be an endless source of positive emotions: “Sport is always an opportunity to improve your result, overcome and test yourself. Every time when it turns out to reach new heights – these are indescribable emotions that everyone should experience at least once, regardless of age. ” The traditional Up-Down cross-country skier is a project of an unusual format, involving the organization and holding of competitions on a difficult-to-cross track.

The head and coach of the Fit & Deaf project, Tatiana Kavylina from St. Petersburg, also notes the relationship between sport and positive emotions: “Sport and happiness are inextricably linked. But, unfortunately, not all people can work with an ordinary trainer, watch sports videos on youtube. According to statistics from the All-Russian Society of the Deaf, 14 million people have hearing problems, of which 3 million are children and adolescents. In my opinion, it is important that sports are available to everyone and everyone, and people do not feel alienated. Our project helps to create an accessible environment for those who cannot hear us. So that they can also look for like-minded people, enjoy the process and rejoice at new heights. ” Fit & Deaf is a social fitness project that helps make sports accessible to deaf and hard of hearing people.

The author of the Pride Race project, Alexander Kvak from the Sakhalin Region, is sure that active leisure, especially if it encompasses the whole family, cannot but give a positive: “Active family leisure is the key to strong family ties, and therefore happiness. Therefore, it is always pleasant when children have the opportunity to study not only themselves, but also with their parents. This approach allows you to take classes to a new level, to make you even more interested, and also gives incomparable vivid emotions. ” Pride Race is the first and most massive children’s sports project in Russia aimed at popularizing obstacle racing, which gave impetus to the development of children’s direction throughout the country.

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In addition to the relationship between sport and happiness, the survey showed what motivates Russians to be active, what formats and sports attract them, and in what companies they like to do it the most. So, among the most influential factors pushing people to go in for sports are health problems (37%), as well as the sports environment – family (21%) and friends (20%). At the same time, the respondents’ desire to be healthy (44%), energetic (20%), as well as pleasure from the process (20%) motivate the respondents for regular sports activities.

“More than half of the respondents prefer to go in for sports with their loved ones – family and friends. At the same time, a quarter of the respondents would prefer the company to be alone with their thoughts and gadgets. In addition: Russians actively support the development of family and yard sports, as well as formats for children and the older generation. We are glad to know that sports are becoming the norm for most Russians, ”comments Sofia Malyavina, General Director of ANO National Priorities.

According to the respondents, the top 3 most priority formats of mass sports for development included children’s sections (34%), family sports, outdoor sports (23%) and sports for older people (20%). And among the most popular types of activities for development among respondents – football (31%), hockey and figure skating 25% each. Fitness (21%) and cycling (20%) are slightly behind. Young people (18-24 years old) would like to develop running (27%).

Supporting sports initiatives and projects aimed at increasing the number of residents of the country who regularly engage in physical culture and sports is one of the priority tasks of the federal project “Sport-Norm of Life” of the national project “Demography”.

The All-Russian competition of sports projects “You are in the game” is being held for the second time – last year the first season attracted 2,608 applications from 85 regions of the Russian Federation. The nominations for the second season of the competition allow you to participate with a variety of applications – from startups to large-scale projects. It can be kids, amateur or adaptive sports. The main thing is that the project is not only interesting, but also useful for people – regardless of their age and lifestyle. In total, the second season of the All-Russian competition “You are in the game” will include five main nominations:

● “Starting point” – for startups of local or regional level, covering up to 500 participants;

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● “Scale” – for projects implemented nationwide with more than 500 participants;

● Children in Sports – for initiatives aimed at creating infrastructure, educational programs or events for children under 14;

● “Transformation in sports” – for digital services that help organize and analyze the training process and involve in outdoor activities, as well as innovative inventions and devices for practical and mass use in the field of sports;

● “Unlimited Opportunities” – for solutions to form an active lifestyle, create an accessible environment and inclusive education in the field of sports.

The nominations are supported by the partners of the competition: for example, Transformation in Sport is supported by the Sportmaster chain of sports stores, and Children in Sport is supported by the Nike brand. In addition to the five main nominations, the competition provides for two partnerships:

● “#NashSportHere” is the nomination of the multi-platform operator “Tricolor”, for the victory in which all participants of “You are in the game” will be able to compete. As part of the informational support of the competition on its own television and digital channels of the Our Sport project, in the online project Big Air, the operator will show information videos and documentaries about the participants “You are in the game!”;

● “Media” – a special partner nomination from the “Championship” publication for authors who cover sports events on their own information resources (podcasts, blogs, online publications, channels, public pages with an audience of 1,000 users).

The leading sports media will cover the competition. The Russian sports Internet portal “Championship”, the leader among the sports portals of Runet, within the framework of media partnership with the competition “You are in the game” will tell about the projects of the participants of the competition. Bolshoi Sport, the only glossy monthly sports magazine, will also provide information support to the competition and its participants.

Regular physical education and sports directly affect the preservation and strengthening of people’s health. Therefore, the priority task of the federal project “Sport is the norm of life” of the national project “Demography” is to increase the number of Russians who systematically go in for physical culture and sports, ensure the availability of sports for all categories of the population, develop mass sports and elite sports, improve the sports infrastructure, prepare sports reserve and personnel for the industry.


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