How the accusation for the Northern League commissioner who killed a man in the square has eased – In 2018 he stated in an interview with the ‘Provincia Pavese’ that “Shooting must be the last resort”. It’s at Massimo Adriatici the ‘point of no return’ must have seemed that vigorous push suffered by Youns El Boussetai on a summer evening in front of the ‘Ligure’ bar in Voghera, a town in the province of Pavia known for its mustard, pepper and housewives made famous by the writer Alberto Arbasino.

The carabinieri and the Prosecutor’s Office for now give ‘almost’ reason to the version of the Northern League Security Councilor who, during the interrogation, he said he exploded when he fell, but he didn’t want to fire, a fatal gunshot for the 39-year-old homeless Moroccan, who died shortly after in hospital.

“Negligent excess of self-defense”

‘Almost’ because for the Pavia prosecutor it is not really a legitimate defense, but something that looks a lot like it: a ‘culpable excess’ of self-defense, that is, the suspect would have miscalculated a danger that was not so serious due to “imprudence or inexperience”.

Certainly a much less heavy accusation than the one of willful murder that the carabinieri had challenged him at the time of his arrest. To convince the prosecutor Roberto Valli who deals with the case together with the deputy prosecutor Mario Venditti the defense of Adriatici, who is also one of the best known criminal lawyers in the city, and the preliminary activities carried out immediately after the incident which took place yesterday around 10:30 pm in the central Piazza Meardi overlooked by a camera which could be of invaluable help for the investigators.

He had a gun license

As for the fact that he was shooting with a .22 caliber, everything was within the legal standard because as a former policeman he had a regular firearms license. Two witnesses reported that the victim allegedly threw a bottle of beer at Adriatici who would then call the police to stop his ‘excesses’.

Upon hearing the call, El Boussetai, who had previously verbally targeted the commissioner (“Why don’t you say hello to me?”) Would have been furious and pushed him. For a ballistic ‘accident’ caused by the struggle, the shot from the loaded gun would then have been fired.

Investigative sources report that the bottle may have been thrown into the air, not against the commissioner, “as El Boussetai used to do, who in the past had already broken shop windows harassing local customers”.

Adriatici has suspended himself from office, the mayor Paola Garlaschelli announced who spoke in a note of “tragic news that involved one of our councilors”, without mentioning the victim.

The political controversy

The interpretations of politics with the Northern League leader have arisen around the ‘naked’ fact of a Northern League Security councilor who killed a Moroccan homeless man Matteo Salvini who claimed “legitimate defense”: “Of course, the defense is always legitimate. And if it were true that the subject who unfortunately died – death is never good news – was already known and arch-known to the police and traders and citizens of Voghera, obviously it was not a regulation. of accounts. The defense, in this case, if so, is always and in any case legitimate ”.

On the other hand, the senator Alan Ferrari, Deputy Vice President of the Democratic Party Senators: “What happened last night in Voghera is something very serious and worrying. Now the facts will be ascertained, but in a civilized and democratic country a councilor does not shoot a person. I hope that the League will soon distance itself from Adriatici’s gesture. Do-it-yourself justice has no citizenship in our laws and in our coexistence “.

Almost no one has dealt with the victim who has a wife and child in Morocco and a father in Novara. A woman, Roberta, brought a vase of flowers in front of the bar accompanied by a sign. “At least the earth is light to you, ‘Musta’, because life for you has not been light, nor happy”.

“I did it – he explained – for him and for the many borderline boys who are like him on the margins. The judiciary will judge what the commissioner has done. As a citizen I can say that I no longer feel comfortable knowing that ‘councilor of my city runs armed “.

A couple of other friends of ‘Musta’, as it was called, expressed their anger before the place of death. The carabinieri and the police arrived to check that everything remained within the limits of a verbal protest. One of the two friends went to throw himself into a fountain, continuing to scream his pain.



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