How the biologist Michael Succow wants to reconcile man and moor

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Angermünde“You want to see the buffalo,” says Michael Succow a little suddenly, then he smiles mischievously. He had just started his lecture, standing on a field path near Angermünde. The Sernitzmoor is close to his heart. As a young man, the Greifswald biologist helped to drain it. Now, at the end of his life, he wants to save what can still be saved. An area of ​​80 hectares along the small stream is to be “rewetted” here. Succow has long had bigger plans for an area more than ten times the size, where one day cattle and horses could graze and reeds and woody plants could grow, while underground the peat layer gradually grows again, the water purifies and carbon dioxide stores. “It’s like a miracle that the circle is coming full circle,” says Succow.

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