How the government bonus for changing the TV works and how to get it

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AGI – The Minister of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti has signed the implementing decree that makes the TV scrapping bonus operational, which supports citizens in the purchase of televisions compatible with the new technological standards of digital terrestrial transmission Dvbt-2 / Hevc Main 10.

What is the bonus and how to get it

The new technology will improve signal quality and make room for high definition broadcasts. The benefit consists of a 20% discount on the purchase price, up to a maximum of 100 euros, which can be obtained by scrapping a television purchased before 22 December 2018. Scrapping can be carried out when purchasing the new television. , delivering the old one to the dealer, who will then take care of the disposal of the appliance and obtain a tax credit equal to the discount granted to the customer at the time of purchase of the new appliance. Another way to scrape the old TV is to deliver it directly to an authorized ecological island. In this case, a form will certify the delivery of the appliance, with the relative documentation to request the discount on the purchase price.

Because the government got in the way

The TV scrapping bonus aims to encourage the replacement of television sets that will no longer be suitable for the new technological standards, in order to guarantee environmental protection and the promotion of the circular economy through their correct disposal.

What is the difference with the previous bonus

Unlike the previous incentive, which still remains in force and can therefore be combined for those who meet all the requirements, the TV scrapping bonus is aimed at all citizens as it does not provide for Isee limits. In particular, a bonus will be recognized for the purchase of a television for each household until 31 December 2022.

The resources allocated to the measure total 250 million euros. The provision identifies three requirements to benefit from the incentive: residence in Italy, scrapping of a television set and the payment of the subscription fee for the broadcasting service.

Citizens aged seventy-five or over, who are exempt from paying the aforementioned fee, will also be able to access the facility. In view of the transition to the next-generation digital terrestrial broadcasting standards Dvbt-2 / Hevc Main 10, citizens can check the compatibility of the televisions in their possession and the lists of suitable equipment by following the information and procedures indicated on the site Nuoveatvdigitale.mise The decree, countersigned by the Minister of Economy and Finance, was sent to the Court of Auditors for registration.


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