How to cancel Netflix Easy edition –

It seems that many major labels are starting to launch their own streaming services. You might be thinking of canceling. Netflix in order to try to use other camps that is the same streaming platform Plus the price is also cheaper.

Let’s say you have an account. Netflix own and rarely see Or watch all of your scraps. Canceling Netflix is ​​easy. and the following is Easiest way to cancel Netflix service

1: Login to your account

First, you need to login online. Whether you have a subscription to Netflix streaming services or are still on a plan. To cancel, go to the account page in the top right corner of the screen.

2: cancel

Under “Membership & Billing” on the left side of the screen, click the “Cancel Membership” button on your account page.

3: Confirm

before you can confirm You get a choice between canceling and downgrading to a cheaper plan. The Basic plan costs 349 baht/month, while the Premium plan costs a little more at 419 baht/month.

4: complete

If you’re ready, hit the cancel your account button.

Tips: You will be able to watch Netflix until the end of the current billing period.



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