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Mortgage advice – that is, assistance in building the mix and even before that giving recommendations for the optimal mortgage amount and the most correct repayment period for you – is a very essential service for anyone who is about to purchase an apartment and needs help with financing from the bank. The difference between taking out a mortgage without professional advice and performing this operation with the close guidance of experts is very significant, as any mistake in judgment due to lack of knowledge on the subject can cost you tens of thousands of shekels.

In addition it is worth remembering that too high a repayment affects the standard of living over many years, so it is very worthwhile to pay attention to the optimal choice of mortgage adviser.


First of all it is important to know that the state does not apply regulation in the field of mortgages, so anyone who decides that they understand in this complex field can in principle declare themselves as advisors. Depending on the most effective way to distinguish between professionals who can really help you and those who only boast of professional abilities is the scope of experience. When working with a consultant who is employed by a serious and veteran company, you can know for sure that he is a quality professional – because no company will survive in such a field for many years if it does not provide a really helpful service, and such companies employ only knowledgeable consultants And appropriate experience.


An experienced mortgage advisor He is a professional with extensive skills and accordingly he knows how to help each person get to the ideal mortgage for him. Another key is real extraction of knowledge, and for that a real commitment is required for each and every client.

In order for you to succeed in the process in the best and of course most cost-effective way, it is important to make sure that the commitment of the adviser (or adviser) is solely towards you – something that can not naturally be obtained at the bank but only advisers who are the ones who pay their salaries. For the benefit of your interests.

Service oriented

Some people prefer to entrust the task to an experienced mortgage adviser and for them their part in the process of getting a long-term loan is “only” to eventually sign the documents with the bank and get the money in favor of buying the apartment.

On the other hand, there are those who like to be involved in the process and understand in depth the advantages and disadvantages of each route, the considerations for formulating the mix, the considerations for each recommendation, the principles for managing the mortgage in the future. Receiving a large amount of money that allows for an immediate reduction of part of the loan, and as a result of changes in the capital market – for example, raising the interest rate by the Bank of Israel.

According to another important quality for mortgage advisers, beyond experience and commitment, is a developed service consciousness – and in particular the ability to provide detailed explanations patiently, clearly and with the maximum possible availability.

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