How to clean doors with vinegar?

How to clean doors with vinegar?

2023-06-04 20:00:54

It is normal that in our house there are some defects that appear due to various circumstances, such as stainsscratches or simply now it looks more opaque, that is why we reveal to you how to clean doors with vinegar.

To our surprise, the vinegar will be our ally to eliminate the stains or scratches that are in our house, although it is always advisable to do it carefully to avoid mistreating our doors.

As we know, there are different types of vinegar as is the apple, which brings great benefits to our health such as vitamins B and C.

The National Library of Medicine reveals that the Apple vinager It is a fermented juice that is used for weight loss and as a medicinal remedy, since it lowers blood sugar levels after a meal. This vinegar can be used for diabetes, sports performance, kidney stones and other needs.

Meanwhile he White vinegar It also brings various benefits to our health and our home, since relying on this product could resolve various conflicts and fade stains y rayaduras at the doors of the house.

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What happens if I put vinegar on the wood?

We must be careful with vinegar and the furniture from our house, since it could damage them depending on their materials. We can do the test with a small area to be able to observe the reaction of our furniture.

It has been revealed that the White vinegar it can do almost magic with our wood furniture, as it can fade stains and scratches from doors, floors or chairs.

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How do you use vinegar to clean wood?

To clean the doors with vinegar or the furniture that of your preference we recommend you apply the following steps:

  1. Mix the olive oil very well with the White vinegar
  2. Add a little of the mixture to a cotton cloth
  3. Rub the wood in circles with the cloth (as if you were trying to polish)

How to remove difficult wood stains?

To remove the stains difficult of the madera Oxalic acid can be used on the stain until it fades, then rinse with water and baking soda. We always recommend working with caution to avoid mistreating the furniture or if you prefer, go to an expert.

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What stains can be removed with vinegar?

In addition to using the White vinegar for wood, it is recommended to use it to remove coffee or tea stains, as well as gum stains.

Now that you know this magical recipe to clean the doors with vinegar We recommend you watch the following video that shows us how to remove the fun of our bathroom:

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