How to clean the USB-C port on your phone or laptop

USB-C ports especially on smartphones run the risk of filling up with dust, dirt and other debris, it’s not hard to understand why if you frequently put your phone in your pocket or put a bag next to the port down, some dust can be pushed into the small hole, know that if this In the case of you, you may notice that the USB cable does not snap into place anymore, or you may have trouble charging your phone. If so, it’s time to clean the USB-C port.

A businessinsider has revealed how to do USB-C port cleaning without harming your device.

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Why is it important to clean the USB-C port?

  • Making sure the USB-C port remains free of dust is important to ensure that the port is working properly and not inadvertently damaging your device.
  • I know that unclean USB-C port connections are interfering with the charging function or the device.

How to properly clean the USB-C port

If you need to clean the USB-C port, do so carefully. Never insert metal objects such as knife blades or safety pins, as metal can scratch delicate contacts and even shorten your device and cause damage to the device. Instead, all you need is a can of compressed air and a toothpick or plastic dental floss.

  • Start with a canister of compressed air Use the straw-like attachment to expel air into the port in short, controlled bursts; Hold the can straight so that none of the liquid in the can comes out.
  • If the compressed air does not expel all the dust, move to a toothpick, preferably an old toothpick and a flexible, non-rigid tip to clean the USB port with.
  • Carefully insert the loosened toothpick into the port and use it and pull the dust on both sides of the central electrical contact in the middle of the port, working carefully and making sure not to bend or damage the electrical connection.
  • End the process by blowing compressed air into the port again to remove any accumulated dust with a toothpick or toothpick.

Steps to keep your USB-C port clean in the future

  • If you have frequent issues with your USB-C port getting dirty, try changing the way you carry or transport your device, the easiest solution is to stick it straight into your pocket or bag so that it enters the port last and is not pushed into dirt and debris.
  • Some people put a small length of tape over the port to keep it clean when it’s not in use Instead, here’s another inexpensive solution: Buy a plug that you can insert into the USB-C port to keep dust out.

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Madam previously spoke that although Apple has adopted USB-C for Mac and iPad, it seems that the company is planning to stick with Lightning until it turns into a completely portless phone, Apple started adopting USB-C for Mac in 2015, With a 12-inch MacBook. Then it went all in with the 2016 MacBook Pro, before backing off a bit last year by restoring MagSafe, HDMI, and SD card slots, and the iPad made the transition from Lightning to USB-C in 2018, with the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models.

This made the iPhone the only primary Apple product with a Lightning socket, since the iPhone kept the older connector for years after the Mac and iPad adopted USB-C, the general opinion seemed to be that it would continue to do so until the first portless model, the analyst tweeted. Apple Ming-Chi Kuo a few months ago that the giant would move to USB-C for the iPhone in the second half of next year, ie the iPhone 15, mentions the beneficial USB-C suppliers for “1-2 years” but then Kuo expects For Apple to drop the port completely.

It should be noted that while Kuo has a proven track record, lately he has been in the habit of simply tweeting thoughts or opinions about what Apple might do, rather than anything based on evidence. ‘, which means talking to suppliers.

Apple prefers to have as many suppliers as possible, to allow it to negotiate better prices and reduce risk. For example, if a major supplier of Lightning ports reports that Apple plans to cut orders next year, that would mean nothing more than a realignment of competing suppliers, similarly, USB-C suppliers that talk about expecting a significant increase in orders next year might simply be a company Apple or other companies increase orders with some suppliers while reducing them with others.

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