How to delete multiple contacts on iPhone

There are a lot of functions in the iPhone that make life easier and can be implemented in a heartbeat, but deleting several contacts at once was conspicuously absent, and one of the things that seemed a bit strange was that it wanted to delete a lot of contacts on the iPhone. iPhone at the same time. First, the user must be logged in iCloud So delete it.

It seems strange that the functionality wasn’t there, but it’s correct and with the OS iOS 16 Apple has made it easy for iPhone users to delete multiple contacts at once.

Here are the steps one must follow to delete multiple contacts on iPhone:

Open the Contacts app on your iPhone.

Select the contacts you want to delete.

Use two fingers to select a single contact.

Then scroll up or down to select more contacts to delete

If contacts are inactive, they will be checked

Long press on the selected contacts and a popup will appear where you can see the option to delete contacts

Click Delete and the contacts will be deleted.


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