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Players who bought the Switch console because of Sprague-Dawley 3 may want to choose other fun games, but it will cost a lot of money to buy all the past masterpieces. The Nintendo eShop has a lot of free games to download, many with exquisite graphics and rich plots. After transferring your Nintendo member account to Japan, you can download games such as Douzheng 2, Jelly Bean, Super Kirby Hunter, Pokemon Gathering, etc., and many games can be connected to the whole world. Players from all over the world compete against each other, which is different from the previous concept of free-to-play games as stand-alone games.

Change membership region to Japan

To download free games, you must first change the country/region option in the membership settings on Nintendo’s official page. It is recommended that players change the country to Japan, and you can see many free games that can only be downloaded by Japanese accounts in the eShop. Turn on the Switch console and connect to the Internet, enter the Nintendo eShop, and select “Search” at the top of the toolbar on the left to directly select the page to filter games by price.

▲ After going to the member page of Nintendo’s official website, select Change.

▲In the country option, select Japan.

▲ Finally, press “Save Changes” to complete.

Free Games A total of 89 kinds of online battle games

There are 89 kinds of free software that can be downloaded in Japan, but some of them are software such as YouTube, and some are supplementary software for other games. For example, the moving software of Animal Crossing Club is provided for players to move stored data to another host. in use. Some games are also classified in the free game area with the trial version. For example, the trial version of Dragon Quest X is also placed here. Before downloading, you need to read the game introduction carefully so that you will not be suspended halfway through the game.

▲Using the Switch console, click the Nintendo eShop option at the bottom.

▲After entering the eShop page, click “Search” at the top.

▲ Then click on the “Price Band” below the search field. If you have time, you can also click to see the “Experience Version”. There are also many good trial games.

▲After entering the page filtered by price, slide the page to the bottom.

▲You can see the free game field at the bottom, and click “View All” in the small orange characters in the lower right corner.

▲You can see a total of 89 free games, but a small part of the demo version is also placed here.

Must-Play Free Game 1: Battlefield 2

Blizzard’s first-person shooter, Fighting Strike 2, can also use Switch to play online, and play against players all over the world in a 5-to-5 manner. In the second generation, 3 new heroes have been added, with a total of 35 characters. Optionally, this time the official supports cross-platform play and progress sharing. Players who have used PC, Xbox, or PS4 and PS5 before can seamlessly share in-game progress and appearances using the same account.

▲The first-person shooting game Douzheng 2, in a 5-on-5 way, connect with players from all over the world.

▲In the second generation, 3 new heroes have been added, with a total of 35 characters to choose from. This time, the official support for cross-platform play and progress sharing.

Must Play Free Game 2: Jelly Bean Man

Gamers have exceeded 50 million in the Jelly Bean game, which is actually a cute version of the battle royale game. It can support up to 60 people to play at the same time, and can also play with friends in a team of up to 3 people. In each level, try your best to cross the obstacles and rush to the end within the time. The tokens and experience points obtained by the final winner can buy virtual shapes in the game. Jellybeans also supports cross-platform play. After logging in to the Epic Game account, you can link all platforms Switch, Xbox, PS4, and PS5 to synchronize game progress.

▲The cute version of the battle royale game Jelly Bean, can support up to 60 people to play at the same time.

▲Crush over the obstacles to the end within the time, the final winner can get tokens and experience points.

Must Play Free Game 3: Tetris 99

The Switch version of Tetris 99 Tetris 99 can be played offline originally, but after joining the online battle, you can connect up to 99 people to play synchronously in one breath. When playing Tetris, you can also use 4 attack modes to attack other players. Attack The flying missiles on the screen make Tetris super exciting, which is very suitable for players who like Tetris and online battles.

▲ Tetris Switch version, you can connect up to 99 people to play synchronously in one breath.

▲Able to use 4 attack modes to attack other players to obtain the final victory.

Must Play Free Game 4: Super Kirby Hunters

The Super Kirby Hunter team and other players form 4 different professional mage, hammer, repair and swordsman teams to fight with the boss, there are 2 modes story mode and online mode, you can use the rewards to get rewards by fighting Buy class sets or enhance player equipment. In addition to being able to find friends to play in a team, if there is only one player, it doesn’t matter that you can form a team with AI.

▲The Super Kirby Hunter Team consists of 4 different professions, Mage, Hammer, Reinforcer and Swordsman to form a team to go to crusade against the Great Demon King.

Must-Play Free Game 5: Pokémon Adventure Treasure Hunt

Pokémon Adventure Treasure Hunt is an extension game of Pokémon Red/Green. It turns all the familiar Pokémon of the first generation into square shapes. Players will explore on Fang Cola Island and train the Pokémon given to players at the beginning of the game. , obtain resources by attacking other Pokémon, and then use the resources to make soup to attract more Pokémon to come to your camp, there is more flexibility to prepare your own Pokémon adventure team.

▲Pokemon Adventure Treasure Hunt is an extension game of Pokemon Red/Green, which turns all the familiar Pokemon of the first generation into square shapes.

▲ Players can use the resources obtained in battle to cook soup, which can attract more Pokémon to the camp.

Must-Play Free Game 6: Super Bomber Superman R Online

The gameplay of Super Bombing Superman R Online is the same as the previous series of works. After placing a bomb on the ground, you can blast away obstacles and opponents, and you can obtain props during the game to make the bomb more powerful. The game has three modes: Story Mode, Battle Mode and Tournament. The most interesting is the “Battle 64” mode that can play against 64 people at the same time, and you can also play against 16 people at the same time by choosing the standard battle mode.

▲ Super Bombing Superman R, the most interesting is the “Battle 64” mode that can play a maximum of 64 people at the same time.

▲The general battle mode can also play against 16 people online, which is more exciting than the traditional Bomb Superman.

Must-Play Free Game 7: Pokémon Rally

Pokémon Gathering is a 5-to-5 online battle game. Players can choose their favorite Pokémon characters, use moves on the map to attack hostile or wild Pokémon, and send golden Eos energy balls The scoring zone that reaches the opposing team’s area wins. The map configuration is similar to the League of Legends map. It is divided into 3 paths to move forward. After winning, you can help the Pokémon evolve and make the character stronger.

▲Pokémon Gathering is a 5v5 online battle game where you choose your favorite Pokémon character and try to win the battle.

▲You can assign a battle route to your teammates first, and the gameplay is similar to League of Legends.

▲When you encounter a hostile or wild Pokémon, you win the battle, you can get the golden Eos energy ball, and send the energy ball to the scoring area of ​​the opponent’s team area to win.


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