How to find the source of the original image in Google

How to search for the source of the original image on Google is one of the most requested things by some users on the Internet because it becomes a curiosity for them, which is knowing the facts or lies of these images, so modern technology has provided many different ways to search for right from wrong and we will learn more than one way to find The original image, by launching some of the programs and steps used on the Google site, and today on the Egypt Brief website. source.

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How do you search for the original image source on Google?

The source of the image can be searched on Google in some important ways, such as:

TinEye website

Through the TinEye website, you can identify the original source of the image because you can match the images that you upload through it with the millions of images that are abundantly available on the various servers of the site, and then the site appears. Original photos that appeared first.

How to use this site

  1. Go to the home page of the site via this link:
  2. Then click the upload icon and upload the image to upload it.
  3. Then find the uploaded image as in the image below:

TinEye website

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Add search by image from Google

  • You can also use the Search By Image extension using chrome Google to search for the desired image.
  • Then you will press the right mouse button and you will see through it many options, for example: Search Google with this image
  • Then, click on Google search with this image and you will be able to search for the original source of the image you want and images similar to the one you want to find.

Veracity iPhone app

Through this application, you can identify Google, the original source of the image, and we will recognize it as follows:

  • If you have an iPhone, it makes it easy to search for the original source of the image on Google, and you can also find characters or objects in the image based on what the image shows.
  • You can also see all the places this post references using the free Veracity app.
  • When using it, take the picture from the phone’s camera and then click the search button or via the online download.
  • Then all similar images are searched on the internet and all the data and details of the image are shown to you.

Veracity iPhone app

Search by image program for Android

  • Thanks to this program, you can place the image you want to find on this site and the original source published on other sites will be displayed later.
  • If this image is new, then the resource was not visible because other sites could not display it, but after the lapse of time, all images similar to the searched image will be saved in this program.

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Here we come to the end of the article and we explained in detail how to search the source of the original image on Google and we also talked about many different ways to find the source of the original images and I hope you like this post.


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