How to Get Rid of Abdominal Pain in Babies: Tips and Remedies from Chill n Feel

How to Get Rid of Abdominal Pain in Babies: Tips and Remedies from Chill n Feel

2023-06-05 10:07:35

How to get rid of abdominal pain

Many infants and larger babies are plagued by abdominal pain caused by bloating. If flatulence in babies is the reason for abdominal pain, there are some signals, such as frequent crying, nervous drinking behavior or a strong need for closeness, which can help in finding the cause. Legs that are pulled convulsively towards the navel also indicate flatulence in babies.
Because if the little ones among us don’t have any intestinal gas and can’t burp, the result is that the stomach quickly becomes very hard. No matter how severe the baby’s gas and tummy pain is, there are some helpful things that a mom or dad can do to help the baby through this phase of life.
In order to know how to treat bloating in babies and acute abdominal pain, it is important to pay close attention to the reaction of the little patient in order to quickly find out which way is right for your own baby.

When babies have flatulence, writhe, pull their little legs towards their stomach and cry a lot, then they have severe stomach pains. Because most babies simply have too much air in their stomach in the first months of life. In order for the gastrointestinal tract to develop in a stable manner, many new enzymes must first be formed. Important bacteria colonize the intestines, which are needed for a good intestinal flora. This big change is often the trigger for stomach pain and bloating in babies. It is also possible that too much air has been swallowed when nursing or bottle feeding or when crying and the baby has stomach pains as a result.
Stomach pain, flatulence and colic all have one thing in common, because it presses and pinches in the baby’s tummy. It is therefore important to pay attention to the baby’s signals. Is that little tummy hard? Can winds go off? When exactly does the pain appear?
In the case of classic abdominal pain, the air in the baby’s small tummy can escape via a burp or intestinal gas. Gas in babies is caused by too much air. The little tummy gets hard because the baby gasped too much air while drinking or crying. Then the excess air usually cannot escape from the body and the baby notices this flatulence through a constant, constant pain.

What helps when flatulence occurs in the baby?
When a baby has bloating, there are a few things you can do for that little tummy. Babies with flatulence primarily need warmth and rest. Carrying the offspring across the room in the spread-squat position makes it easier to get rid of winches. At the same time, the warmth (from belly to belly) soothes the little tummy. The fly grip is also helpful here, because the warmth of mum or dad’s hand also calms the stomach. Loose-fitting clothing can also help when babies have flatulence and abdominal pain, because a tight waistband and pressure points increase the pain. Many babies love to get a baby massage when they are plagued by tummy pain and bloating. Who his baby with a good oil ( DIY recipe for a good belly oil) gently massaged, prevents flatulence in babies and stomach pains and relieves cramps in a loving way.

If the baby develops flatulence and has stomach pains, heat is usually the first choice. Instead of a hot water bottle, you should use a cherry seed pillow or a grape seed pillow, because the little ones can get burned at 40 degrees! If you want to spoil your baby with flatulence and stomach ache with a very special cuddly toy that is incredibly good for the pinching stomach, you can Stomach jellyfish Becki grab. This is a cuddly soft jellyfish made of organic cotton, which can be easily hung up over the changing table or baby bed with a crocheted loop. Becki has a generous opening on the underside so that you can put a grape seed pillow in the jellyfish. So you quickly have a heat pad that soothes the tummy in babies with flatulence.
As quickly as many babies get flatulence and abdominal pain, they usually go away just as quickly. The best way to help your baby is with a lot of patience and loving care, closeness, a soothing massage, carrying it in a sling or in a hammock.


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