How to get the best mortgage in 2023

How to get the best mortgage in 2023

With a good mortgage adviser, you can save up to thirty thousand euros on it and enjoy the best market conditions. The mission of the mortgage adviser is to advise you throughout the process until the signing before a notary.

How to get The best mortgage in 2023 It is much easier and faster than it seems. The secret lies in having the professional services of a specialized and trusted adviser, as in the case of Doypo, a mortgage manager who can help you get a one hundred percent mortgage and save up to thirty thousand euros on it.

To have the services of a mortgage adviser such as Doypo, you just have to visit their website (; Complete the form that you will find, and that will serve this manager so that its system detects all the financing possibilities that adapt to your conditions and needs.

How Doypo works

In a short time, one of the professional advisers of this firm will contact you to confirm the information that you have reflected on the web. Doypo will carry out a study with all the information collected.

Doypo carries out a study with all the data provided. This study is totally free and you have complete freedom to decide how, when and with whom you want to apply for your mortgage. In forty-eight hours you will receive personalized offers from different banks, or only from those you have indicated.

But this is not all, because, once you have selected the most convenient offer for you, Doypo will accompany you until the signing of the mortgage before the notary.

step-by-step security

In this way, you will always be advised by a specialist in each step you take. This step-by-step security throughout the process of searching for and obtaining a mortgage loan is something that is highly appreciated in a situation as important as this, which is experienced only a few times in life.

One point to keep in mind is that Doypo does not lend the mortgage money. It is only the most recommended and safe means to obtain the best offers that are adapted to your circumstances.

Having a mortgage adviser like Doypo is like visiting each bank one by one and speaking personally with each director or proxy, but without leaving home, which means significant time savings.

The best mortgage for you

Finally, the money will be lent to you by a bank, which will always be approved by the Bank of Spain.

At Doypo we will help you decide which of them is the best option, based on your profile and your needs as a client.

Different types of mortgages

There are three different types of mortgage, depending on the interest rate that is set in the mortgage loan that is signed. Currently, the user can choose between fixed, variable and mixed mortgages.

The Fixed Mortgage It is the mortgage loan that has a constant interest rate throughout the term of said loan; the user will always pay the same amount of money in their installments, regardless of market fluctuations.

However, the variable mortgage It is a mortgage loan that is referenced to a variable interest rate. The fees that the user pays in the fees always depend, therefore, on the value of that reference index, which is generally the Euribor.

The monthly installment of the variable mortgage is made up of two parts: Euribor and a fixed amount that the user agrees with the bank at the time of contracting the mortgage.

During the life of the variable mortgage, the installments change once or twice a year, depending on the review period agreed with the bank, which can be semi-annual or annual.

The mixed mortgage It consists in that at the beginning of the loan a fixed interest rate is applied and after a stipulated and previously agreed period of time a variable interest rate is applied, which is generally linked to the Euribor.

Differences between a fixed, mixed and variable mortgage

The first difference between these three types of mortgages lies in the installment system. While in fixed mortgages the user knows at all times how much he is going to pay each month, in the case of variable and mixed mortgages it will normally depend on the Euribor.

Another difference is the interest rates of each mortgage. In fixed mortgages, the interest rate offered by banks usually rises the longer the period of the mortgage contracted. In the case of variable mortgages, the interest rate to be paid is the result of the Euribor at all times, plus a differential that is agreed with the bank. In the case of mixed mortgages, the interest rate depends on both factors.

At the time of contracting the mortgages, the interest rate of variable mortgages is usually lower, since the future payment is subject to market fluctuations.

Are mortgages reviewed?

Not in the case of fixed mortgages, because the interest is the same during the life of these mortgages and is signed when contracting them.

Variable and mixed mortgages have a review period that can be semi-annual or annual and that is previously agreed with the user.

Fixed and variable mortgage terms

In some entities, the repayment term for fixed, mixed and variable mortgages is different. But there are also banks in which these terms are the same, regardless of the type of mortgage that is contracted. There are mortgages whose amortization period can be up to thirty years.


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