How To Link Mobile Number To Aadhaar Card | Aadhaar Mobile Link: How to Link Mobile Number with Aadhaar Card

Linking mobile number with Aadhaar card is now mandatory. Accordingly, if you do not do this, you may face problems in performing government services. Actually if your aadhaar card is linked with your mobile number then you will get all the update on your mobile number. Aadhaar also helps to locate a lost Aadhaar card or download an e-copy when needed. So follow the step by step instructions given here to link your mobile number with Aadhaar online without visiting Aadhaar service center.

How to Link Mobile Number with Aadhaar

* You go to Indian Postal Service website.
* After this you have to enter your name, address, mobile number, email details. Now you have to select PPB-Aadhaar service from the drop down menu.
* After that, click on UIDAI-Mobile/Email to Aadhaar linking/update and then enter the details.
* After that an OTP will be sent to your number. After entering the OTP, click on Confirm Service Request.

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After that, an Aadhaar number will be issued, through which the status of the application can be tracked. After this, your application will be sent to the nearest post office for verification. After this, the post office official will visit your address and collect biometric details from you. It is noted that a fee of 50 rupees will be charged for this.

Is the mobile linked to Aadhaar or not? How to check this?

* Go to the official website of UIDAI.
* After that, you have to click on the MyAadhaar option that appears in the top left corner.
* After this click on verify my email/mobile number. This option will be under the Aadhaar Services section.
* After this you need to enter information like card number, mobile number, captcha etc.
* Through this, you can know whether Aadhaar is linked with mobile number or not.

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