How to make a bar for blows based on arnica and cocoa?

How to make a bar for blows based on arnica and cocoa?

2023-05-31 02:05:33

We all face strong blows that take a long time to heal that is why we tell you how to make a punch bar the basis of arnica y cacao.

As we know, accidents can happen at any time of the day and a bump bar It’s all we need for that day when you don’t have time to heal wounds.

Before using arnica o cacao we must verify that it does not cause damage to our body, that is why we tell you about this herb.

The National Library of Medicine indicates that arnica is used to flavor foods foodshowever, it can be poisonous when consumed in larger quantities.

This herb is famous for its role in the fursince it works to relieve wounds on the skin or for osteoarthritis. The active chemicals contained in arnica can reduce inflammation in bumps or skin conditions, decrease pain and also work as an antibiotic, surprising, don’t you think?

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How is arnica used for bumps?

When receiving a very painful blow, it will surely work for you to use the arnica and you should only do a soft massage with this herb ointment.

Remember that the ointment should not be applied to open or mucous wounds, only when we see bruises o swelling. You should also avoid contact with the eyes, as it could hurt you and cause burning.

What is better ice or arnica?

Both products can work for us to obtain immediate results in one blow, however, ice can only help us during the first two hours.

For her part, the arnica ointment It can help us for a longer period, since in the first hour we will see our wound reduce inflammation and in the fourth hour we will see the physical improvement of the edema.

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When not to use arnica?

We recognize that this herb is almost magical for our skin, but we must take into account that sometimes we cannot use it and here we share when you should avoid it:

  • Pregnancy
  • breastfeeding
  • Open wounds
  • broken skin
  • Salpullido
  • Allergy

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How to make the bar for blows based on arnica and cocoa?

To do this magic bar against blows based on arnica and cocoa you need the following ingredients:

  • 29g arnica oil
  • 10.5 g yellow beeswax
  • 8 g cocoa butter
  • 0.5 g of vitamin E tocopherol
  • 3 drops of German chamomile essential oil
  • bar container

After having our ingredients ready, it is time to start the procedure, first you must use the olive oil in a bain-marie. arnicayellow beeswax and butter cacao.

Later we must let cool a little and add the Vitamin E tocopherol and the essential oil of german chamomileAfter stirring all the ingredients very well, quickly transfer them to a container that works as a lipstick, before it hardens, so it will be ready to use.

Now that you know how to make a bar for blows based on arnica y cacaowe share the following video that shows 5 remedies with onion:

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