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AIDS sexually transmitted disease that people around the world fear A serious disease that still has no cure. It seems to be the best way to solve problems at the root cause at this time.

Today, The Thaiger will take everyone to get to know AIDS and how to prevent it. To make everyone aware of this terrible disease, on December 1, 2022, World AIDS Day is about protecting yourself and for your loved ones.

Get to know AIDS (AIDS)

AIDS or Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is caused by a viral infection called Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

The HIV virus destroys white blood cells that are responsible for creating immunity. causing the infected patients to have lower immunity Until the body is unable to resist germs anymore, various diseases (also known as opportunistic diseases) can easily aggravate such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, infection in the blood system, fungi, etc., and ultimately cause the patient’s death.

strains of AIDS

AIDS has many strains. The original main species is

  • HIV-1 (HIV-1) which spread in the United States, Europe and Central Africa
  • HIV-2 (HIV-2) Found widespread in West Africa.

How is AIDS transmitted?

1. Having sex with an AIDS patient without using a condom Male to male, female to female, or male to female. whether the channel is natural or non-natural All have a chance to risk contracting this terrible disease. from the Division of Epidemiology Stating that 83 percent of people infected with AIDS Infected through sexual intercourse

2. Blood Infection The chances of getting AIDS can be found in 2 cases:

  • Use a syringe or syringe. Together with people infected with AIDS, it is often found in intravenous drug users.
  • receive blood from surgery or to treat certain blood diseases But now the blood that has been donated will be tested for AIDS first Therefore, it is almost 100% safe.

3. Contact via mother to child Born from a mother who has AIDS and transmits it to her baby. during pregnancy, during childbirth, and after childbirth Currently, there are ways to prevent mother-to-child transmission of AIDS. by taking antiviral drugs during pregnancy can reduce the risk of contracting AIDS to only 8 percent

It can also be contacted through other means. But the chances are very small.

  • Sharing sharp objects with AIDS patients without cleaning
  • Ear piercing using ear piercing needles with AIDS patients
  • Skin tattooing or eyebrow tattooing

The method is contact by contact with blood. or directly lymph But the chance of contracting AIDS by this method requires an open wound. And the amount of blood or lymph that enters the body must be large.

How to prevent AIDS

How to prevent AIDS

  1. Use a condom every time you have sex.
  2. one love having only one sexual partner
  3. Before getting married or having children, you should have a physical examination, blood test, and get AIDS advice from a doctor first.
  4. abstain from drinking alcoholic beverages and refrain from using all kinds of drugs

How to prevent AIDS

Practice for AIDS patients

those infected with AIDS able to use daily life normally You should take care of your health. You shouldn’t worry too much. Which, if no complications are found, will be able to continue living for many more years with the following practices:

  • eat healthy food so that the body can receive nutrients in its entirety
  • keep healthy with regular exercise
  • avoid sex or if having sex Always protect yourself by using a condom. because this method will
  • prevent infection and the spread of AIDS to others
  • calm the mind, relax, meditate, not stress
  • If you’re a woman, you shouldn’t get pregnant. Because AIDS can spread from mother to child up to 30 percent.

How to prevent AIDS

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