How to translate via Google Translate using your camera effortlessly in seconds

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Omar Shuwail – Jeddah The method of translating via Google Translate using the camera effortlessly in seconds – educate me

Students or business owners often get stuck in translating a sentence/word in English, German, French, or other languages ​​while working or studying; What compels them to resort to translation programs or text translation via Google Translator, although this method is useful and beneficial; However, it takes time and effort to enter text by letter, and it becomes more difficult if it is a long sentence or article, so today we decided to solve this problem and save this trouble, you will now be able to translate a whole page using the camera without writing a single letter as shown in the following.

google translate photo

One of the most important advantages of Google Translate is that it has all languages ​​in the world, and it has introduced a new way to translate instead of the old literal translation: using the online camera to translate, you will not need to photograph the sentence or the page you want to translate and Google will do its job in seconds few.

Program Features Google Translate

This application offers many great services for all phones in addition to the translation process, the most important of which are:

  • It offers all of its services completely free of charge.
  • Translate any sentence or page to any language in the world, correctly and scientifically, such as books and dictionaries.
  • It has a wonderful and simple design.
  • It has earned billions of reviews around the world for its accuracy and ease of translation.
  • Supports all smartphones.
  • There is no competition for it; Because of his ability and potential to translate a large number of sentences and words without the need to write them.

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How to use google translator with camera

  • First you have to download Google Translate to your phone.
  • Install the app, open it, and activate its camera.
  • Select the language, whether translation from Arabic to English or any other language or vice versa.
  • Then point the phone’s camera at the sentence or page and adjust it well until all the letters are read.
  • And soon it will show you the translation.
How to translate via Google Translate
How to translate via Google Translate

How to download the Google translator app

  • Head to the Play Store or the App Store.
  • Enter Google Translate into the store’s search bar.
  • The search result will appear to you, select the application and then install it on the phone, and start applying the previous steps to get an easy, effortless correct translation.

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