How to Turn off the ‘Click Wallpaper to Reveal Desktop’ Feature in macOS Sonoma

How to Turn off the ‘Click Wallpaper to Reveal Desktop’ Feature in macOS Sonoma

Apple Releases macOS Sonoma with New Feature to Hide Windows when Clicking Wallpaper

Apple has released the macOS Sonoma update to the public, providing users with a range of new features. One notable addition is the “Click wallpaper to reveal desktop” option, which hides all open windows when users click on the wallpaper. While some may find this feature useful, many have expressed annoyance with it. Fortunately, there is a way to turn it off.

macOS has always offered shortcuts to quickly show the desktop, such as using keyboard commands or trackpad gestures. However, macOS Sonoma takes it a step further by allowing users to reveal the desktop with a simple click anywhere on the wallpaper. While this may be convenient for some, others find themselves accidentally triggering it frequently, causing frustration.

To disable the “Click wallpaper to reveal desktop” feature on macOS Sonoma, follow these steps:

1. Open the System Settings app.
2. Click on the Desktop & Dock menu.
3. Look for the option “Click wallpaper to reveal desktop”.
4. Under the option, select “Only in Stage Manager” instead of “Always”.

By following these steps, users can prevent their Mac from showing the desktop when clicking on the wallpaper, except when Stage Manager is active.

If you were bothered by this feature, let us know in the comments section below. Were you able to successfully turn it off, or do you find it useful?

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