how will the scam filter work?

how will the scam filter work?

2023-05-10 19:09:19

SMS to collect a package or buy the Crit’air sticker, email from health insurance or the bank to ask you to enter your Social Security number or your bank details… there are plenty of examples of online scams. In recent months, cybercrime has become a massive scourge. To the point of undermining the confidence of some French people in digital technology, believes the government, which presented a bill on Wednesday May 10 to secure the Internet.

“Eighteen million French people were victims of cybercrime last year, half of whom lost money, deplores Jean-Noël Barrot, Minister Delegate in charge of the digital transition and telecommunications. It is the most fragile, the poorest French people, who very often find themselves robbed of their savings or drawn into the infernal spiral of identity theft.. »

A warning message

After the measures to regulate the activity of influencers, the government is now tackling digital insecurity head-on with a series of measures, including an anti-scam filter. What is it about ? A technical device to warn Internet users when they are about to click on a fraudulent link sent by email or SMS.

To identify malicious sites, the government plans to “create a shared database” from the information recorded by the various competent authorities on cybercrime, following a report or a complaint. The “filed” sites will then be contacted and will have five days to contest their malicious status. If they are unable to do so, they will be blocked.

Publishers of Web browsers and Internet access providers must display an alert message to warn Internet users then, if the site is declared malicious, “take all measures” designed to prevent access, says the bill.

A new anti-scam device placed under the control of an “independent entity”

“When you make a request on the Internet, the check in a database will be done automatically and if the site you are trying to access is blocked, your browser will display a warning message and/or block access, explains computer scientist Olivier Blazy, professor at the École Polytechnique. This filter will be easy to implement for browser editors since they communicate directly with the computer.On the other hand, it will be more complicated for Internet access providers because the requests must pass through servers, an additional step which entails costs. »

Renaissance deputy Éric Bothorel, who worked on the subject during Emmanuel Macron’s campaign, recalls, however, that Internet service providers already benefit from financial compensation for the blocking of child pornography and terrorist sites.

This new anti-fraud device will be placed under the control of a “independent entity”, attached to the National Commission for Computing and Liberties (Cnil), specifies the ministry. This will have “an immediately suspensive power of appeal in the event of doubt about a site that should not have been blocked by the filter”. This is, in fact, one of the possible pitfalls of the device: blocking sites that are not fraudulent too quickly.


Other measures

Ban people convicted of cyberbullying from social networks

People convicted of spreading hate and violence on a social network may have their accounts suspended.

Ending Children’s Exposure to Online Pornography
Sites that refuse to set up a reliable age checker without registration will be heavily penalized within a few weeks.

Regulate new types of online games

France will define a pioneering and protective system for users to regulate digital games, similar to gambling, based on emerging “Web3” technologies (decentralized web generally integrating blockchain technologies, such as cryptocurrencies or NFTs) .

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