How will we age? It is understood by the hair, thanks to epigenetics

How will you age? You can tell from the hair. Or rather, the doctor understands it Emanuele De Nobili, health manager of the Longevity Medical Center of Merano, as well as an expert in epigenetics. Because if it is true that we have a genetic heritage that determines our basic characteristics and our predispositions to certain pathologies, it is equally true that it is not axiomatic. Our pathological physio “destiny” can change and this is the role of epigenetics. That is, the set of factors that activate or “calm” our genotype. And from the capillary bulb, those who deal with epigenetics understand many things.

As the Times wrote on the cover some time ago, Dna isn’t your destiny. DNA is not your destiny. We thought we would understand everything with the mapping of the human genome, that by discovering 23,000 genes we would have cured all ailments – De Nobili tells Affaritaliani – But that’s not the case. The information contained in the DNA is called the genotype and is the same for all our cells. However, the expression of this information may differ depending on the cell, its state or other factors. This expression is called a phenotype. Epigenetics therefore studies the way in which the different expressions and the factors that cause it must be produced, without directly modifying the DNA”.

But what are the key factors in determining health and aging?

At 50%, what we eat -Continues De Nobili- Preservatives, meat from intensive farms where cows do not eat grass but feed, refined sugars, chemicals are certainly decisive. Let’s take an example. If I have a genetic predisposition to type 2 diabetes and eat few refined carbohydrates, the predisposing gene remains ‘off’. Likewise, protective genes are suppressed by a bad lifestyle. When the factors that predispose to certain pathologies are treated, one can return to a good state of health. In Italy we have been talking about it for a long time, epigenetics is worth almost more than the genetic heritage itself ”.

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The hair test and quantum medicine

“We are based on quantum medicine. That is, on the fact that mass is energy. Our body too. We need to open our minds: just as we knew nothing about biochemistry 50 years ago, now we know little about quantum. But in a few years there will be equipment that recognizes frequencies. Well, the device we use in Merano, S-Drive, analyzes the capillary bulbs and tells you what energy state you are in. Four or five are enough to verify what frequencies we have and which epigenetic indicators have been affected: heavy metals, electrosmog, pollution, stress, everything is registered by the body ”. Then the test is able to give the diagnosis and the solution, mapping the epigenetic values ​​across four or five hairs through the digital diagnostic exam. “Are you missing antisidants? You can risk degenerative diseases. Are you missing Omega 3? You risk silent chronic inflammation and so on. The great thing is that we are no longer controlled by our genetic makeup, but we can be the architects of our own destiny”.

The problem of “unloaded” foods

“In Italy we have a great expert in Biophysics and Nutrition, Professor Piergiorgio Spaggiari, from whom I followed the Epigenetics course. It teaches us that foods also have energy. An egg that comes from a caged hen is not the same as a free-roaming hen. A 00 flour is a concentrate of starch and gluten, it does not give nourishment, better to choose wholemeal 1 or 2. Today foods in general are poor in vitamins and minerals. For this we must integrate. Biophysics helps us to analyze the body to understand what is missing and what is in excess. So we can check which areas can be improved in order to avoid disease and promote well-being ”.

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