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Two professors of the Higher School of Economics (HSE), Gennady Esakov and Sergei Pashin, who, according to students, criticized the state of the rule of law and law in Russia, were suddenly fired from the university, Znak.com reported on Saturday, November 27.

“Today is the last day of my work at the Higher School of Economics. It was a good nine years and a half (well, perhaps with the exception of the last one and a half). The saddest thing for me is to part with the students, to whom I will leave the Gospel verse as a souvenir (from Matthew, chapter 5, verse 6) I myself will console myself with verse 10, “Yesakov wrote on Facebook and closed comments on the post.

Meanwhile, the Sota newspaper clarifies that the contract with Pashin, who is a retired federal judge, will be terminated on December 24. Pashin himself, a member of the Moscow Helsinki Group, said that he was not resigning on his own initiative.

In recent years, the Higher School of Economics, one of the largest humanities universities in Russia, was forced to leave for various formal reasons several well-known teachers who publicly criticized the policies of the Russian authorities. Among them are lawyer Elena Lukyanova, philologist Hasan Huseynov and philosopher Kirill Martynov. Some of them later founded the Free University, which does not have an official university status.

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