HSV: Thomas Doll warns of arrogance – “Just think of Aue!” – 2nd Bundesliga

Victories against the promotion competitors St. Pauli (2:1), Darmstadt (5:0), Heidenheim (2:0). The HSV is in an impressive form. And Saturday we go to Kellerkind Sandhausen. Sure thing?

How can Tim Walter (46) counteract possible pride, hubris or even arrogance?

BILD asked the former HSV coach Thomas Doll (55). The last coach who led Hamburg into the Champions League (2006): “First of all, it’s clear that the heath will burn in Sandhausen’s Hardtwald Stadium. Even in their fourth year in the second division, this game remains a real football festival for them. The SVS wants the scalp of the HSV and will do everything possible to get it.”

BILD: How do you think your colleague Walter made the team aware of this encounter?

Doll: “Without knowing it in detail, I think that he repeatedly referred to Sandhausen during this training week, but without making a big issue of it. If he showed a few sequences from the 2-1 defeat last year, that would certainly have a deterrent effect.”

BILD: To what extent do you get into the heads of professionals when it comes to underestimation?

Doll: “The coach has certainly warned that after such great victories against the top teams, Sandhausen must now be taken just as seriously and not just take one percent back, and that’s not just an empty phrase here. He certainly sharpened the senses 100 percent.”

BILD: Is that usually enough..?

Doll: “Yes. But it’s even better if the leaders take over at some point in order to bring this message closer to colleagues. Actors such as captain Sebastian Schonlau, sweeper Jonas Meffert, center forward Robert Glatzel and Sonny Kittel are tried-and-tested kickers who have the leverage to shake up the rest. That not only has to happen in the dressing room, but also on the pitch if necessary.”

BILD: How are you not allowed to act in Sandhausen under any circumstances?

Doll: “The boys have to start the game at high speed. Otherwise you oversleep the game and can’t really get in. Every duel must be accepted. Only playfully there is not much to get in Sandhausen. That could be eye-opening. Warning enough should be the very happy 1-1 in Aue at the beginning of October, where HSV did not get access to the relegation candidate throughout the season. It was definitely the worst performance of the season so far.”

BILD: And how satisfied are you with the way the season has gone so far?

Doll: “It’s fun to watch HSV play again. There are good, likeable guys in the team. That’s why I’m looking forward to turning on the TV on Saturday afternoon and crossing my fingers for my club from the sofa.”


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