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2023-09-19 12:00:00

Heroes of the kids with a catheter and hospitalization bracelet, to look like the patients.

Ugly – Humap (Hospital Universitário Maria Aparecida Pedrossian) was unable to hire anesthesiologists because the winning company withdrew. At least 21 more doctors would be needed, but the process to meet demand is now back to square one. However, there is always a professional who makes things less worse wherever they are.

delicate gesture – In Pediatric Nephrology, some characters are helping time pass faster during hemodialysis sessions. Two members of the sector had the idea of ​​customizing the Hulk and Ladybug dolls, the heroes of girls and boys. The idea was from nurse Flávia Nantes Fausto and nursing technician Jackeline Braga Maciel.

Dodói – Even the strong man and the masked girl with superpowers now use a catheter, to show that they are “people like us”. This way, the process, which lasts around 6 hours, without the child being able to leave their seat, adds a little bit of fun. The dolls remain with the boys and girls throughout the session, “which gives the feeling of company and overcoming”, summarizes Humap.

Without socket – State deputy Rafael Tavares (PRTB) presented a bill that prohibits, in prisons managed by the Public Power or administered through a public-private partnership, the installation of sockets and electrical power points. The proposal prohibits the availability of the service inside cells or facilities where detainees are held in temporary custody; in areas adjacent to cells or in corridors and inmate transit areas, when accessible without immediate and constant supervision and in visiting areas and courtyards. It turns out that in 2021 the Ministry of Justice had already published a resolution determining the end of power points inside and close to cells.

Expectation – With the agenda of the Minister of the Civil House of Brazil, Rui Costa, in Campo Grande next Thursday (21), the State government hopes to speed up the concession process for federal highways. “We’ll see if he announces the federal government’s position regarding the requests we made,” said Secretary of State for Environment, Development, Science, Technology and Innovation, Jaime Verruck.

Takes off, but takes time – Companies that started buying land to plant eucalyptus and supply the cellulose industry in Mato Grosso do Sul are still not making high profits. Despite the prices of standing eucalyptus tripling in 4 years, the problem is that a tree takes between six and seven years to be ready for cellulose production.

Recognition – Governor Eduardo Riedel (PSDB) invited his predecessor Reinaldo Azambuja (PSDB) to participate in all State deliveries that began in the last administration. The initiative is a way of recognizing the work of the former chief executive. Riedel took the opportunity to endorse the importance of Azambuja in the event. “I learned from the group in Paraguay that there is no ex-governor, he is an emeritus governor,” he joked.

Same but different – But one thing is very different between Reinaldo and Riedel. While the former was always “more homely”, Riedel loves to enjoy events with his wife Mônica. The last one was gastronomy, at Parque Laucídio Coelho. “I went to have lunch at the International Meat Festival and left very satisfied with seeing another great event that attracted people from so many places and that helped to reinforce our culture, publicize our State, encourage the economy and also be a leisure option for our people.”

From hospital to school and samba – The weekend was full of tributes to the architect and urban planner Celso Costa, called the “poet of public works”, by senator Nelsinho Trad (PSD). During an event at Santa Casa, Nelsinho recalled that Celso “was one of the creators of this hospital, also at Regional and in the populous neighborhoods Moreninhas, Aero Rancho and Cophasul… Everyone will remember the popular, cheerful architect, who even inspired a samba school in capital in 2008 to tell its story”.

Bothered – The president of the Deodápolis City Council, councilor Gilberto Dias Guimarães did not like the article published by the reporter last Sunday (17) about his bill to increase councilors’ salaries. When asked about the impacts, the parliamentarian replied that the matter was already on the air. “Don’t worry, the matter has already been done,” he said. However, he then decided to respond and stated that the adjustment will not cause damage to public coffers.

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