Huawei, the potential of Harmony Os2 during the ‘Unlock Possibilities’ event

Huawei presented in Italy, during the event ‘Unlock Possibilities‘, the new ecosystem devices of the group interconnected in four IoT ecosystems linked to situations of everyday life, to concretely show the potential of the distributed technology of the new operating system HarmonyOS 2 and the actual application of the 1 + 8 + N strategy. In addition, the first Italian partners with whom the company has developed new applications around Harmony OS, already available on the Huawei Watch 3 series, were announced: RTL 102.5, Melarossa, eSound, Zucchetti, Tutto il Calcio, Petit Bambou and Komoot.

“We are surrounded by a large number of smart devices that all too often don’t offer as smart a user experience,” he said Stephen Duan, General Manager Huawei Consumer Business Group Italy. And he added: “HarmonyOS is designed to bridge this gap by providing a common language that allows all devices to connect and collaborate with each other offering a more effective, fluid and secure user experience.”

While as he added instead Pier Giorgio Furcas, Deputy General Manager Huawei Consumer Business Group Italy, “we are proud to bring to Italy concrete examples of how HarmonyOS technology will have a significant impact on users’ everyday lives. The result achieved is not only the result of the work of the Huawei research and development teams. , but also the collaboration and support of developers and global partners “.

Two years after the announcement of the global strategy 1 + 8 + N, in which the 1 represents the smartphone, the 8 the devices that improve the experience of using the smartphone, such as PCs, tablets, audio products, smartwatches, cars and T – while the N represents the extension layer of the Seamless Ai Life Experience, Huawei therefore presented in Italy, during the event, the new HarmonyOS 2 all-scenario operating system that takes the interconnection of different devices to a higher level, for a seamless and truly smart user experience, across multiple devices, in all different types of scenarios.

Last week Huawei announced a series of new products based on HarmonyOs: the series Watch 3 and two new tablets MatePad Pro and MatePad 11. The Watch 3 series of smartwatches is already available for pre-order in Italy and features locally developed apps. Among the apps available, in addition to Huawei Health, present on all the brand’s wearables, the partnerships with Rtl 102.5, Melarossa, already available on the Huawei AppGallery for mobile, were presented; eSound, the music streaming app with a catalog of 150 million songs, which enters the world of wearables with the app for Huawei Watch 3; Zucchetti, which has developed a system for Watch 3 that detects presence and production stamping with validation of the position that integrates with the management of the companies; Tutto il Calcio, the app to follow over 100 international football leagues, with results, news, videos and detailed statistics.

In addition to the Watch 3 series, they are already available for pre-order in Italy Huawei FreeBuds 4, the next generation open-fit wireless Bluetooth earphones with Active Noise Cancellation (Anc – Active Noise Cancellation). The two new top-of-the-range monitors, MateView and MateView GT and the two new tablets of the Matepad series, MatePad Pro and Matepad 11 will also be available next July.

During the event, the new products were placed in four IoT environments related to everyday life: Smart Home, Smart Office, Health & Travel ed Entertainement. In the four scenarios, thanks to HarmonyOS 2, the new products have been connected and integrated together to show the potential of the distributed technology of the new operating system. In the scenario Smart Home: users will be able to start the day in the house of the future the days with the sound of the alarm set on Huawei Watch 3, check the hours of sleep, heartbeats and the level of oxygen in the blood directly from the wrist by monitoring the progress of these parameters in the course of the night. Still from under the covers, directly from their smartphone, they will be able to manage the Midea oven and prepare breakfast. While the smart oven thinks about breakfast, directly from the Matepad 11 tablet they will be able to read the news by asking for updates to Huawei Assistant, listen to some music or the radio news with eSound and Rtl 102.5 or start making the list of the day’s activities. noting everything in a practical and fast way directly on the tablet, with the new second generation M-Pencil.

Then the scenario Smart Office: in the office of tomorrow the MateBook X Pro laptop is already connected to Matepad Pro with multi-screen collaboration. Thanks to Huawei Share, users will have the ability to switch files between the two devices or with their smartphone with a simple touch. On MateView, connected to the PC, it will be possible to video call colleagues or follow presentations in video with very high quality. By simply placing the Huawei smartphone on the laptop display, it will be possible to open the home security camera and view to the PC that everything is under control, all from the comfort of the office desk.

In the scenario Training and health, keeping the lives of tomorrow’s athletes under control will be much easier. During workouts they can be guided by the over 100 training modes available on Watch 3 and follow the exercises with their favorite music, completely isolated from the rest of the world with the FreeBuds 4 earphones. All parameters can be kept under control and monitored over time with statistical systems. And if after training you want to go shopping to prepare a healthy meal and follow your diet, just consult the Melarossa app on Watch 3 directly from your wrist.

The fourth scenario is 360 ° entertainment. With the new MateView GT gaming monitor, users will be able to enjoy the best gaming experiences of the highest level thanks to the video quality, audio and the range of colors available, with games such as Assetto Corsa by 505 Games and Kunos Simulations, a racing simulator for excellence, designed to meet the needs of both racing game enthusiasts and professional drivers. Thanks to MateView GT, you won’t miss a single detail of the racing circuits, faithfully reproduced with laserscan technology, or the dynamic models of the cars, developed in collaboration with the most important car brands.

HarmonyOS 2 is designed to make the functionalities of the devices we use every day, such as smartphones, smartwatches, home assistant systems and cars, interact in a connected ecosystem. In addition to the new partners announced, Huawei is committed in Europe to collaborate with the major manufacturers of technological devices, with the aim of building an ever richer ecosystem: in the automotive sector, for example, Huawei collaborates with Art, an Umbrian company active in the development of electronic products, which designs and manufactures the In-Vehicle Infotainment systems of the future. Thanks to the integration with HarmonyOS 2, with Huawei HiCar by Art it will be possible to offer highly innovative contents to the driver and passengers using the computing power and connectivity offered by the phone to process data and images from the car, with the aim of developing functionalities. that increase safety in the car and fun while driving more and more.


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