HUAWEI WATCH D smart watch meets health Initially, you can check your blood pressure in the body.

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HUAWEI WATCH D smart watch meets health  Initially, you can check your blood pressure in the body.

HUAWEI WATCH D is considered another smart watch. Combines the functions of both health tracking and complete exercise especially health that are served in an emphasis ready to add excitement By inserting the function of detecting blood pressure or Blood Pressure Monitor, which can measure the same level as general blood pressure monitors on the market, ECG sensor to measure the ECG And many other health tracking such as sleep tracking, stress measurement, SpO2 measurement, etc. In addition, exercise does not leave anywhere. It comes with more than 70 exercise modes, including indoor. and many popular sports, with the HUAWEI WATCH D having a launch price of 14,990 baht

housing design
The case of the HUAWEI WATCH D is rectangular. Uses the material is aluminum and Graphite Black with dimensions of 51×38.13.6 mm and weighs approximately 40.9 grams. The side buttons are available for use with two buttons, which are the Home button and the Health button. Considered to be quite large and thick for men to wear just right. But for women it will look quite large. But if you want to focus on using the function

Wrist strap with airbag
The wristband is made of fluoroelastomer rubber. Of course, this type of strap can be worn for any occasion. But the highlight for the HUAWEI WATCH D is to put airbags, airbags and small air pumps. inside another floor for use to measure blood pressure Both the wristband and the airbag are replaceable. And in the box there are free 2 more sizes, both size M and size L.

first connection
Connecting to a smartphone is as simple as before. Download the HUAWEI Health app, install it, and then add devices within the app. Then place the HUAWEI Watch D and your smartphone close by. and press scan, there will be a HUAWEI Watch D popping up to connect All smartphones must be running Android 6.0, iOS 12 and HarmonyOS 2 or higher.

Square AMOLED face
The watch face is rectangular like the case, uses a 1.64-inch wide AMOLED panel with a resolution of 456×280 pixels and a pixel resolution of 326ppi. The screen also supports touch. From the test, it is considered that the screen shows quite good colors. and can feel and command comfortably

watch face design
The watch face does not have many options to change. which has both a Widget showing the fitness status or health detection And display the time as an analog hand is also available. Initially, there are 12 types of dials, but can be purchased. Or free download at HUAWEI Health app > Devices > Watch faces

Transforming with blood pressure measurement
The distinctiveness of the HUAWEI WATCH D would be nothing but blood pressure measurement function This is truly a pioneer of new health products under the HUAWEI brand, with a focus on adults. And it can measure high or low blood pressure for patients as well. For the HUAWEI WATCH D blood pressure measurement is a digital format. There is an ECG alarm feature. and periodic pulse Ready to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration to be classified as a type 2 medical device.

When the blood pressure measurement function is started The wristband will have a compression on the wrist. (The feeling of a hospital pressure monitor), which is strapping from an airbag and a small air pump the size of a coin. Can perform pressure up to 40kPa, measure blood pressure up to 230mmHg, accurate compared to other blood pressure monitors on the market. Because the pressure has a resolution of 0.01mmHg, it can accurately reflect changes in blood pressure values. and has a tolerance of only +-3mmHg.

How to use the blood pressure measurement function
When the blood pressure measurement function is started The system will detect the usage posture. In which the user must raise the arm that is wearing the HUAWEI WATCH D to place the chest area at the same level as the heart and put one hand and put the other hand to support the elbow wearing HUAWEI WATCH D to maintain level Place your feet flat on the floor. Sit with your back straight and relax, leaning against the chair. and don’t press the airbag function to get the most accurate measurement results. Sit for 5 minutes before taking the blood pressure measurement.

If the behavior is not correct blood pressure measurement will not get the exact value and have high tolerances Inside there is a Motion Sensor system and a heartbeat sensor, Pulse Wave Detection helps alert users to adjust their posture correctly.

Other health tracking functions
The highlight is already a matter of measuring blood pressure. Other health tracking functions are also complete, and all data will be synced to the HUAWEI Health app on the connected device. can be viewed later

– ECG : The use of ECG is quite reliable because HUAWEI has improved the experience. and expertise throughout by giving measurements of heart abnormalities From the electrocardiogram of the heart accurately with permission from the Food and Drug Administration according to the details of the notification receipt at 65-2-2-2-0003968 In addition, ECG results are collected, which is a single lead measurement, receive heart waves within 30 seconds, analyze results in real time. with early warning of abnormalities The measurement must be done by tapping the Health button (the button with a red border) throughout the measurement.

Track your heartbeat : heartbeat tracking it has high accuracy measure at any time Or even doing any activity with HUAWEI TruSeen 5.0+ technology with 8 more photodiodes with Micro Nano for better light.

– Sleep tracking HUAWEI TruSleep 2.0+ : This is the smart sleep tracking function of the HUAWEI WATCH D and other smartwatches. which has sleep tracking throughout bedtime It tells the REM, deep sleep and awakening values, along with estimating how sleep is in the range. ready to give advice When returning, the system will be followed immediately. and can view the status throughout the day’s sleep in the HUAWEI WATCH D app

– Measure SpO2 : The HUAWEI WATCH D comes with a SpO2 measurement system that can be measured at any time. or will adjust to measure all the time It can be adjusted in the settings. But keeping it on all the time consumes the battery.

– Measure stress HUAWEI TruRelax : It is a function to measure the strain all the time. If there is high stress The system will alert and to determine the breath to reduce the stress that occurs

– HUAWEI Healthy Living Shamrock : It’s called HUAWEI WATCH D. We care about your health every step of the way. This system will alert you to various routines. in daily life to automatically such as drinking water, taking medicine at the time, counting steps or reminding when sitting for a long time to follow

Over 70 exercise modes
HUAWEI WATCH D also meets the needs of exercise. With over 70 workout modes, including outdoor, indoor and professional sports modes. Users can choose to use it at their convenience. which the test works have used football mode (but in the app says rugby) with the system telling the time of playing with the number of calories wasted As for the heartbeat, it was clearly stated. divided into each period And tell the heartbeat status that there is a beat, a light heartbeat, a normal heartbeat, how many minutes is it, there is also a value during exercise

Other details has a positioning system Via 5 global satellite systems (GPS, Beidou, GLONASS, GALILEO, QZSS) to provide high accuracy positioning. and can be used anytime, anywhere Suitable for exercise in distance mode, and the HUAWEI WATCH D housing is IP68 waterproof and dustproof, ready for all sports.

multimedia function
Using multimedia functions Required when connected to a smartphone. which can receive incoming call notifications but can’t talk but rejected the call or receive via smartphone Other notifications There was a notification to the HUAWEI WATCH D, but from the test. Can’t reply to chats of LINE and Messenger apps, but reply to short messages in SMS. It can also be switched to the shutter button. We can control music player (can’t play music in HUAWEI WATCH D) and can find smartphone.

The battery lasts for 7 days.
battery Still as impressive as the original HUAWEI as ever, with a battery capacity of 451mAh, it can be used continuously for up to 7 days in general use. From trying to use it, charge 100% before bedtime, turn on heartbeat mode for 24 hours, measure blood pressure 5 times, measure SpO2 twice until going to bed at midnight again. battery left

Summary of prices and distribution
Initially, the HUAWEI WATCH D was launched in Thailand with a price of 14,990 baht, available in only one black color. Can be purchased at the HUAWEI Experience Store and participating stores. including online channels such as the HUAWEI Store and the official Huawei store on Shopee, Lazada and the My HUAWEI application.

*** Special promotion during pre-order When placing an order in the pre-order period from June 24, 2022 to July 7, 2022, immediately receive a HUAWEI Scale 3, a value of 799 baht.

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