“Huge Kobba, he is fat and big”: Kobi Maor is angry with the participants in “Survival”

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Where does the line go between the personal and the strategic? And is everything really legitimate even in reality shows where all the sacred cows are slaughtered and all the Pandora’s boxes are opened in the name of rating?

This explosive issue created an explosion on and off the network last night (Wednesday), after a particularly charged episode of “Survival” aired, an episode in which actor Kobi Maor actually fell victim to real bullying, one that not only left him hurt, but the content said posed a real danger. When it comes to boundaries that are so sensitive between the legitimate and the dangerous.

“Watching the episode of Survival yesterday was not an easy experience for me,” Maor (44) opened the long post he posted this morning (Thursday) to his Instagram, hours after the episode that caused a big storm.

“To hear a huge child star in the State of Israel, the one who teaches our children to believe in themselves that the truth is within them and full of beautiful words that apparently have no real truth in them, speaks of my weight in a shallow and offensive way,” Maor wrote of Yuval Shem Tov.

“It’s not Kobe, it’s Kobe. It’s not Kobe, it’s a giant Kobe. He’s fat, he’s big, he’s huge. How do I climb this thing? Like a giant troll. At some point I did not know if I was hugging Kobe or the ball.” Maor quoted the things Shem Tov said on the show.

“I wonder how it would have ended if he had talked like that to one of the women. I thought the nightmare was over,” Maor added, “but then Olympic athlete Vered Busquila arrived with the following sentence: ‘This Kobe is a bull, he is a mountain of man.’ Vered, your memory is short. , Maor addressed Busquila directly in anger mixed with insult.

“Did you forget how you felt when Fanny called you heavy?”, Maor mentioned the difficult exchange between Busquila and Bar Moha that caused a stir. “It was important to you to provoke a discussion in the Tribal Council around the issue of body image. But I’m allowed to. You call me a bull and a mountain of man, Syracele? I thought it was, over. “Personally very likable – he calls me a ‘semi-trailer’, as if I have no other image of a strong man.”

Did you forget how you felt when Fanny called you heavy? Buskila Rose, Photo: Ohad Kab

“When I think about it in depth, it did not bother me that they got down on how I play. Steak, zigzag? Capricorn can laugh at the fact that I turned over quite a bit, that I betrayed, he says. At least it’s part of the real format of the game. “My, for my physical appearance and for being a fat person ?! This is a blatant and offensive crossing of lines,” Maor wrote angrily.

“In my life I tried not to get hurt. My threshold of inclusion is high. But when my son Ariel finished watching the episode, quietly entered the room and went to sleep, I allowed myself to fall apart. The problem of obesity in Israel is difficult and well known. “I have struggled with weight all my life, and at the same time I have always defended the weak and sensitive,” he wrote.

“Say what you will, I never in the game called anyone by name or hurt anyone. The choice of words here is an unfortunate choice. For those who chose to call me offensive, do me a favor: just do not come later to be a guest on TV shows and hug a child who has been humiliated or boycotted at school “Because of being overweight, just to glorify your status and be sensitive among your audience,” Maor called out to all those who in his eyes represent hypocrisy.

“It’s all but survival, shame,” he signed the post tagging the network franchise and the official program page.

Crossed the border. Yuval Shem-Tov, Photo: Network 13

Maor’s harsh words did not fall on deaf ears, and along with hundreds of responses, that of Shem Tov himself who wrote to him also stood out: “Dear Kobi, we corresponded this morning, and here too I apologize to you before everyone else. There was no intention to hurt, but to incorporate humor into the experience. “It’s not easy for us all to cross. I probably crossed the border, sorry.”

“My dear beloved Kobe,” added the friend to the island of Michael Lewis who sought to strengthen him. “You are a strong man. They will always talk about us and say such and such things about us. It does not mean that this is what we are. We are who we decide. We are proud of you.”

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