Huge news for electric vehicle owners: hundreds of charging stations on the way

Huge news for electric vehicle owners: hundreds of charging stations on the way

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The Mebane Real Estate Company under the management of Dodo Zevida, announced last night (Sunday) a strategic investment in Scala Energy, which deals in energy efficiency and car charging stations. Mebane will cooperate in leading the company with the Allied Group, one of the largest and most prominent holding companies in Israel, which owns Champion Motors. The official importer and marketer of the Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat and Copra brands and Shlomo Motors is the importer of the BYD electric vehicle brand in Israel.

As part of the joint venture, Mebane Real Estate and Allied are expected to establish a national charging network, including in condominiums, which will be used, among other things, to establish hundreds of smart charging stations in the open parking lots of the commercial centers owned by Mebane, and spread all over the country. The stations will contain fast, regular, and ultra speed.

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In this way, Mebane Real Estate is deepening its activities in the field of renewable energy, after in June 2020 it signed an agreement with Nofer Energy to install solar systems. reach up to about 400 megawatts, while the real estate structure owns 75% of the rights in the partnership.

In addition, the building owns 148 existing and active solar installations, amounting to 20,380 kilowatts. The company is working to significantly increase the amount of solar installations on the roofs of properties it owns all over the country and is also looking at additional opportunities in this field.

Dodo Zevida, CEO of the Mebane Real Estate Group: “In light of the prosperity of the renewable energy sector and the efforts to find green solutions, at the same time as the significant increase in electric vehicles in Israel, we decided to deepen our grip and take advantage of the dozens of parking lots and properties we own, with the aim of making smart and efficient charging stations accessible to the general public , with minimal damage to the environment. Diversifying the portfolio in the field of renewable energy will allow for additional regular income that will expand the company’s sources of income, and we will continue to work to find additional opportunities to expand and deepen the renewable energy activity in the group.”

Uri Feigin, CEO of Scala: We are proud to cooperate with two huge companies in the economy with the aim of making a high-quality and convenient charging experience available to the Israeli consumer. The expected growth in the electric vehicle market will lead to an increasing demand for charging in high-quality complexes that are based on economical and green energy sources. will allow us to lead the revolution in the industry.”

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