Hundreds of liters of diesel leaked onto the Carinthian A2 after a truck accident

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In a serious truck accident on Saturday morning on the Südautobahn (A2) near Arnoldstein, 350 to 400 liters of diesel fuel leaked and ran into the ground in the central reservation.

As the Carinthian State Police Department announced, both fuel tanks of the semitrailer were damaged when it ran over the central guide rail over a length of about 100 meters. The state chemist ordered an excavation of the soil.

The team, driven by a 52-year-old Romanian in the direction of Vienna, had come to a standstill on the central guide rail between the two directions of travel, the police said. The directional lanes are there separated from each other by a double guardrail and undergrowth. The driver was not injured and was able to leave the tractor independently. The vehicle of a 58-year-old from Klagenfurt was slightly damaged by flying parts.

Traffic had to switch to hard shoulders

The accident occurred at 8:50 a.m. During the recovery and clearing work, the motorway was only passable in both directions via the hard shoulder. The two overtaking lanes remain blocked until the central guide rail is repaired. 35 firefighters, two stripes from the motorway police and three stripes from ASFINAG were deployed.

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